Traveling to Prisons to Visit Incarcerated Loved Ones


Hello to all my brother’s and sister’s who run the race against the struggle of injustice. My name is Lisa and I with my fiancÃ?©e Carl am serving a life sentence. Falsely accused and poorly misrepresented by the legal system. No really. My fiancÃ?©e is the one serving a life sentence at SCI Dallas located in Pennsylvania but I included myself in doing life with him because any of you, who have a love one on lockdown, understand the severity of time being served. For the one behind bars do not do this time by themselves, but we, the loved ones who are supposedly living in the free world, no doubtfully stand beside them in this struggle. Serving the same hard time in hell. Because of this very reason, I am moved to write this article about those on the outside, coming together in support of one another.

Too many times, I have driven the one hour and forty-five minutes that it takes for me to see my man. This time being driven each way, every Monday of each week, four times a month, forty-eight times a year. Only to find out after arriving at the institution, the visiting room is full of women who came up to see their man, driving the same distance from my Philly (Philadelphia) location. Some residing close to me by a distance of only fifteen minutes from where I live. (I know this by taking a peep at the visitor’s log book)

It never tends to amaze me as to why so many women, who come from Philly, have not tried to pull together by sharing the gruesome drive time of one hour and fifteen minutes it takes us to drive to SCI Dallas? If we were to come together, not only would it help in the high cost of gas and tolls, we would also be able to emotionally support each other, on the painful ride home after leaving our loved ones behind. Not to mention, giving a sistah a break behind the wheel sometimes. (smile)

Living this life is hard. Especially in a world in which society, friends and even sometimes families do not understand and/or support what we stand for. I know for me, it has been a great struggle in the past four years and many times I have wished I had someone, anyone to call on who could understand and relate to the severity of what I be going through. We, those on the outside, with loved ones on the inside, MUST be proactive in supporting one another. It’s an unfortunate long, hard struggle. One we MUST fight daily but undoubtedly could fight with a little more ease and less tension IF we all pulled together. We MUST STICK TOGETHER, FIGHT TOGETHER AND MOST OF ALL SUPPORT EACH OTHER! I’m in it until the end. Will you support me? Can we support each other?

Peace To The Struggle Always!
Lisa Beck

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