WW III? On the Brink of Armageddon? Can One Person Make a Difference?

We’re heading for World War III…but every soul has the ability to stop it! This is not religious but very spiritual. The basic source and origin of each of us! The following prayer as a collective can make the difference between War and Peace! And it also helps you to reclaim your rights of Responsibility and Spiritual Being. Because it is so powerful take the precautions of Protection FIRST!

Here is an exercise to take lost souls to the Light, and to help clear the dark entities off the Planet! Did you know you have this innate ability? If you are an atheist and do this prayer you will be heard. I was doing the prayer and sending Light to the Middle East, on Sunday. Before I began, I called on all my Helpers in Spirit, to assist me. I was told to call on Archangel Michael and The Forces of Light and the Armored Angels to go to The Middle East and clear out all the Dark Entities & energies that are there. It is the dark entities, that are making people blood thirsty and wanting to kill. If we all work together and do this, We can quickly Clear them out and Everything will be sped up. You can use this exercise to clear your own Space or clear any place at anytime. I ask for your assistance. If we all Participate, we can speed things up. There Is Power in Numbers By doing this, You are not only helping to remove the dark entities that are controlling so many people, but are also helping the many good lost souls, who are stuck in between worlds, who did not make it to The Light. Here’s how to do It:

“Taking Lost Souls To The Light and Removing The Dark Forces From Planet Earth “

First, ground yourself to the earth, by visualizing roots of trees, coming out the bottom of your Feet, and traveling down into the earth. See the roots of the trees, wrapping around the core Of the earth. Next, see your self encased in a ball of white Light of Protection from the Universe.

Cross your arms over your chest, covering your heart. Look up to the heavens, and say, I Connect With The Source of All That Is:

Say –
“Archangel Michael, Help Me, Help Me, Help me. I Request your Immediate Assistance. I Invoke a Hundred Thousand Armored Angels, please come to my assistance now.”

Ask Archangel Michael to put you In his pillar of blue protection Light. Ask Archangel Michael and the Hundred Thousand Armored Angels to Please go the The Middle East and take All the Lost Souls and Dark Entities to the Light or their next stage of development, and clear All the dark entities and dark energies off the planet. Ask that they assign an angel to each entity, to help escort them to where they are supposed to go.

“Thank You to Archangel Michael and the Armored Angels for your assistance.”

Wait two minutes, uncross your arms, and say – and So It Is & So Be It Done!

PS. The really Dark Entities are not to go to the Light. That is why, you say, “Take them to the Light Or their next Stage of Development.”


Rev. Arrai’El

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