Nair Hair Remover

Many women have a problem with excess facial hair, and most women with excess facial hair take steps to remove the hair. There are many ways to remove facial hair, but not all methods of removing facial hair are simple, inexpensive, or effective. Nair Hair Remover is a popular name brand hair remover, and it is commonly used to remove hair on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks.

Women with problem facial hair are continuously striving to find hair removal products that work effectively. There are a number of brands of facial hair remover, and this review will help women decide if Nair Hair Remover is the right product to remove their bothersome and embarrassing excess facial hair.

Description of Nair Hair Remover

Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream comes in a two-ounce plastic bottle. The bottle stands on its cap and is made from pliable plastic. The lid is hard plastic, and the opening is about one-third of an inch in diameter. Instructions and product usage warnings and company contacts are clearly printed on the back label.

Product Claims

Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream claims to effectively remove hair above the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Nair Hair Remover also claims to provide long-lasting results, and is said to make skin smooth and radiant.

Instructions for Use

All make up should be removed before applying this product. The instructions say to squeeze the product onto the fingertips and apply a smooth thick layer to cover the hair you want to remove. Capital letters stress not to rub it in. The instructions say the cream should be left on for five minutes, and a small area should be tested for hair removal. If the hair is not coming off, the product can be left on for up to ten minutes, but big bold letters warn not to leave it on any longer.

The instructions say to remove the product with a damp washcloth, and again, the instructions warn not to rub. The skin should be rinsed with lukewarm water after the hair removal cream has been completely removed, and instructions say to pat dry.

The warning label is more extensive than the product usage instructions. Consumers are warned to test for allergic reactions before using the product. There are also warnings regarding keeping the product away from the eyes and other sensitive areas.

Personal Experience

It’s embarrassing to admit having problem facial hair, but women really shouldn’t be embarrassed. Many women use facial hair removal products, but most will never admit it – especially to the men in their life. I too was embarrassed about a small amount of hair on my upper lip, but I have dark hair, and hair above the lip, especially if a woman has dark hair, isn’t uncommon.

Several years ago, I made the mistake of buying a hair removal product advertised on television. The product would have removed my skin before it removed excess facial hair. It was irritating, smelly, and worst of all, it didn’t work. The guarantee offered with this product was as worthless as the product itself. The company would refund the purchase price but not the shipping and handling. The shipping and handling fee was almost as much as the price of the product, and even if everyone who bought it, sent this product back for a refund, the company would still making a considerable amount of money. This taught me to read reviews before purchasing certain products.

Unlike the worthless hair removal product advertised on television, Nair Hair Remover is a good product that I highly recommend. This product effectively removes excess facial hair, it isn’t irritating if the directions are followed, and it doesn’t smell bad. Nair Hair Remover does what it claims. This product leaves the skin smooth and radiant, and it does moisturize the skin.

The only claim this product makes that I dispute is the claim that Nair Hair Remover provides long-lasting results, but this is a matter of opinion. Compared to shaving, this product does provide long-lasting results, but it must be used once a week to keep hair from becoming once again apparent. The phrase “long lasting” can’t be proven or measured, so this isn’t really a false claim. In reality, no method of hair removal other than laser removal is long lasting. Hair removal must be preformed on a weekly basis, but all things considered, this hair removal product is still in my opinion, a good product.

I don’t use a washcloth to remove this product. It’s easier in my opinion to use a wet tissue that can be thrown away rather than unnecessarily soil a washcloth.

Ways This Product Could Be Improved Upon

If I had the power to improve this product, as a regular user of this hair removal cream, I would definitely change the packaging. Although I’m sure the opening was designed as a marketing strategy so consumers use more, the opening really should be smaller. Also, the cream tends to collect and dry around the opening, even if the cap is closed securely as directed.

The bottle is made of pliable plastic, but the plastic isn’t pliable enough. When the product can no longer be squeezed from the bottle, I’ve gone so far as to cut it open and have found enough cream hiding inside for at least two or three more applications. The bottle would be more consumer-friendly if it were designed like a tube of toothpaste so almost the entire product could be expelled from the container by rolling it up and squeezing it.

The product contained inside works very well, and I wouldn’t change a thing. If you’re looking for hair remover for excess facial hair, Nair Hair Remover is a great product that will remove your excess facial hair painlessly and effectively. As with any product, carefully follow product label instructions for best results.

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