Vice President Cheney’s Hunting Deceit

Vice President Cheney, why did you not call the Washington, DC Press to tell them your friend walked over the horizon into the shooters line of fire, disregarding good judgement, and was shot to punish him for his lack of skill in bird hunting procedures? Why did you concern yourself with your friend’s well being instead of making sure the press could get the story on the afternoon news so that all the concerned citizens could get their smile on for anyone, who would have the audacity to be friends with you, getting their just due?

Why would you first get the owner of the property to call the emergency medical people, then call the local police, before calling the national news, whom you know to the official authorities of right, truth, and the American Way? Why would you go to the hospital to check on your friend before flying to Washington and holding a press conference to plead forgiveness from the people who are most important in this situation, the White House press corp? Where you busy concocting a story about having seen an AL Quaeda terrorist and that you were really protecting America?

Why did you even go hunting before checking with all the self appointed authorities on hunting to find out the acceptable practices and what to do when a failure in judgement occurs since you would never have been involved in a accident if you had been armed with such insight into safe hunting? Shouldn’t you have known that “Everyone” would accuse you of being drunk, on drugs, or simply just mean? Why didn’t you have the person arrested for incompetency that sold you the wrong hunting license? Shouldn’t you know the local laws instead of expecting the local people to do the right thing? What did you say to your friend so that he would blame himself for not following good hunting practice?

Shame on you, Mr Vice President, for being such a miserable excuse for a responsible public official. We true Americans demand honesty, truth, justice and swift reports on such dire news affecting the safety and protection of our Constitutionally guaranteed right to know! You should surrender yourself to the proper officials to be remanded to an unknown location the next time that an incident of such dire consequences to our national security occurs where you will be lectured on playing by the rules!

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