The Best Mistake I Ever Made

We all have that one job that we remember with pain. It’s the one you want to forget and yet, and yet, the experience is with us forever. I call it “The Best Mistake I Ever Made”.

I was fresh out of college and like many new graduates, eager for the first job, if only to prove our worth as mature, responsible, employable adults. I took that first job; I can only use two words to categorize the experience: boot camp.

No benefits, no vacation, no sick or vacation days. The pay was crap. I paid the taxes and social security, mine, as well as my bosses, out of my own pocket. He yelled constantly, the entire floor knew when I made a mistake. I went home many nights crying. I couldn’t take it; I finally gave my boss my 2 weeks notice and prayed that I could find another job.

I found another job after two weeks of being unemployed. Was working in this job a mistake. I would say so, looking back, I wouldn’t take it again. But it was still “The Best Mistake I Ever Made”.

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