Celebrating New Year’s Eve in San Diego

New Years Eve is about celebrating the future, and if you live in San Diego it’s also about having a good time and partying. San Diego County has many events that people of all ages can go to celebrate a New Year. Here is a list of some events in San Diego that are very popular to go to.

First Night Escondido

Located in San Diego County in the City of Escondido this event is for the whole family. This festival goes from early in the evening to the count down of the New Year. This event has 13 stages that people can go see bands and dance at. First night Escondido also includes many different types of performers, vendors, food, and live entertainment. They also have contests like Battle of the Bands where local bands can compete against another. At midnight the event ends with a great fire works show. To get into this event you need to purchase admission buttons that range from $10-15 depending on the time of purchase. For more information about this event you can call (760) 639-0220.

New Years aboard the Midway Aircraft Carrier

This New Years party is unique because it is aboard a Navy Aircraft Carrier. Starting at 8pm and going until midnight the party on the Carrier offers a romantic and great view. There will be music playing, professional catering and champagne going all around. This is the kind of party to go to if you’re looking for a quieter and relaxing celebration. For more information about this event you can call (619)575-5500.

Big Night San Diego

This is one of the largest parties held on New Years Eve in San Diego. This event is held at the Sheraton Harbor Hotel and includes the works. Guest of the party can experience 12 different party rooms that the hotel offers. There is a casino lounge, retro zone, electronic zone, sports bar, mardi gras zone, and much more. Also, there are a variety of live entertainment, drinks, food, and fun. However, this event is catered to 21 and up so you might have to get a babysitter for the kids. For more information about this event you can go onto the website.

Horn Blower Cruises

Want to dine in style for the New Year? You can have a great dinner and have a Cruise at the same time with Horn Blower Cruises. These cruises will take you across San Diego bay and into Coronado. You will have a beautiful water view while watching a spectacular fire works display. On the cruise you can enjoy music, gourmet food, champagne, wine, and a great gentle breeze. What else do you need then being on a cruise with love ones for the New Year? For more information on this event call 1-800-668-4322.

So if your in San Diego, CA and want to party on new years these are just a few events that you can go to have a great time and say HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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