Celebrity Couples

It seems in the last few years’ society has become obsessed with celebrity couples and celebrities in general. Right now it seems society cannot get enough of Brangelina, TomKat, Britney and K-Fed and Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

I personally find it hilarious that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have denied their relationship every since the rumor’s started when they were filming Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Of course once everyone heard about Jen and Brad getting a divorce in early 2005 we saw Brad and Angelina everywhere together. Then we heard Brad wanted to adopt Angie’s kids. Soon after that Angelina announces she is pregnant. Not once have they even admitted they are a couple. Well it’s pretty obvious now that they are excepting a baby. Angie even admitted in an interview that they don’t even speak about their relationship and what they are considered. They both are hiding away in Africa right now in an attempt to have their baby in peace and quit.

There are a lot of people who think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are an odd couple. From the very beginning of their relationship people have thought it was a publicity stunt. It was very convenient that they both had huge movies coming out at the same time. Of course no one can forget about Tom confessing his love for Katie and jumping on Oprah’s couch. A few months after that we hear Tom purposed to Katie in Pairs. Then shortly after that we all find out Katie is pregnant. Then Tom and Katie decided not to get married before little Suri was born. Now Tom is pushing Katie to get her pregnancy weight off as soon as possible because he wants her to look magnificent for their supposed July wedding. Of course Tom had Katie signed a pre-nup. The pre-nup states $19 million dollars have been placed in a trust fund for Katie and little Suri even if they do not wed. If they do marry and later divorce Katie will get $33.5 million dollars from Tom. Tom also went all out to make Katie’s first mother’s day a very special one. It was said Tom spent almost $1000 on a bouquet of pink peonies for Katie.

Now for Britney and K-Fed, if you haven’t already heard the couple is excepting their second child. This announcement didn’t’t really come as a shock to the public because of the extra weight Britney has suddenly put on. Although some are wondering why they got pregnant so soon, their first child Sean Preston isn’t even one yet. Also as usual there have been reports that there is trouble in their marriage. You may have noticed Britney has been doing a lot of things without Kevin and is showing up to events solo. Then we later find out Kevin was in Vegas partying all night long. Apparently Brit’s family is trying to talk some sense into her. Then again it could all be rumors. Hopefully Brit will wake up and smell the coffee. Some one in the relationship needs to, the way they are spending money and neither of them working the money is bound to run out.. Hopefully Kevin will not forget about Mother’s Day like he forgot about their anniversary.

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn make a really cute couple. There have been rumors flying that Oprah was throwing an $8 million dollar wedding for the both of them. Of course the couple denies the rumors as well as Oprah. The couple will admit that they are looking for homes together in Chicago. Jen explained she wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of Los Angles and feel in love with the city of Chicago. Who knows why everyone wants them to get married so soon. I don’t blame Jen for wanting to wait, because of the divorce she just went through with Brad Pitt. Another rumor that Vince cleared up was that the couple was going to have a child or adopt one. When he was on Oprah he said there were no plans on having a child right now or adopting a child. He stated he would like to have children one day but not right now. Then he joked we have to have our $8 million dollar wedding first.

I think the fascination with celebrity couples and celebrities in general is, they live such lavish lives, and regular people just want a glimpse into it. But there is a fine line between just wondering and photographer’s basically stalking them and reporters making up false stories in the tabloids. After all they are people just like you and me, they just have a lot more money in the bank.

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