Cell Phones May Be the Cause of Increased Cheating Among Children in School

Walk into any school today and technology is what you will see. Technology is the wave of the future and schools are training children as young as five to use computers, parents are training them to use cell phones, and the Internet is enticing them constantly. Is it any wonder that cheating has become increasingly easier to get away with? When you can log onto the internet and find numerous sites willing to write your school papers and desperate freelancers willing to ghost write just about anything with no questions asked how can you expect children and teens alike to turn the other way? .

Computers aren’t the only technology to blame either; cell phones are another major culprit. Teens especially, are texting answers to tests back and forth and even scheming up elaborate plans to get the good grade. Thus most schools have banned cell phone use inside the school, and some have banned the possession of them altogether. Of course they are still being used, just more discreetly. The question is- How frequently are they still being used for cheating? According to one source, as much as Ã?¾ of students have admitted to using their cell phones for cheating.

The even bigger problem is that most teachers are still behind in technology and don’t realize just how large scale the problem is becoming. Teachers being ignorant of technology and the cunningness of students are working hand in hand, and the students know it. Teachers are blaming the schools for not educating them on the potential for cheating with the incorporation of all the new technology, but neither are they educating themselves.

Students are blaming their parents, society, and the pressures of school to achieve higher grades. In an alarming poll, almost all of cheating students justify their cheating; saying they just can’t live up to the expectations placed on them. Students aren’t taking cheating seriously and don’t consider it a big deal; stating the all too often said “How am I going to use that later in life?”

Schools in turn are putting partial blame on the pressures of parents to let their children have cell phones in school. Parents claim their children really do need cell phones at school. They want to be able to contact their children in case of an emergency or to check up on them at after school activities. With the amount of children in after school activities, parents being unable to be home after school ends, and violence in schools, can we blame them? They no longer trust the offices of schools to be able to handle the amount of students and the amount of parents who need to be contacted in case of an emergency either. Having their children carry a cell phone means they can contact their parents immediately if needed; some even go so far as to describe it as a life line to their children. The majorities of parents are ignorant of the potential cell phones create for cheating as well, overestimate their children’s ability to fight the temptation of an easy grade, or state the feeling of safety created by their children carrying cell phones out weighs their concern of their possible cheating.

Parents aren’t blaming anyone, they are simply ignoring the problem or resorting to naivety, believing their child would never do such a thing. Could it be that this in itself is a major part of the problem? Parents need to open that door and learn that it’s okay for your children to make mistakes, it’s okay to make them earn that trust, and it’s okay that they hate you for it.
Technology is certainly not to blame as it is doing its job, keeping up with evolution. Times have changed as has society and its needs and desires. Cell phones are a huge desire for both grown ups and teens, so technology delivered them. Computers are an essential part of the work force today, so of course technology delivered them as well. Could we as a society live without them? Probably, but as long as they are desired they are going to keep being produced and distributed.
Somehow the focus has drifted from trying your hardest and reaching your goals to cut throat competition on being the best at any cost. The focus should instead be on teaching our children the morals and values behind not cheating. Parents need to teach their children that an A is not an A unless it’s earned; cheating should bring them no joy.

A grade that they deserved and is their best should be celebrated, not thrown out because it doesn’t meet the expectations of society. What matters is that children realize their potential and utilize it to their best ability.
In the end, society itself is to blame for this epidemic. We live in a world where the possibilities are endless and your best is never good enough. Of course students are going to cheat when they are expected hold down good grades, participate in extracurricular activities, be active in charity work, have a job, and still make time for their friends and family. When did being a child become so hard, and what happened to the fun of exploring the world and your place in it?

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