Central Air Conditioning and the Lure of Evil

It was too muggy to go out…. it was too hot to play….
so I sat in my house all that long, sweltering day.

My temper flared up, my children cried and moaned.
They were on fire, they said, right down to their bones.

Then like an angel from heaven, the AC guy appeared,
with jeans that drooped too low, I admit that I feared.

But there was no crack of doom,
his price did not make me swoon.

He hooked it all up, and then…..

Thunder from the skies…
lighting flashed and fried

Was God angry, forlorn?
Was it just a summer storm?

I sank down in the couch, clutched my hands together tight
Should I pray for forgiveness? Should I do what was right?

I thought about working, doing something worthwhile,
After all, how could I rest with my work in a pile?

But I just sat there instead, and said “To heck with it”
on my couch – cool at last – I was content to just sit.

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