Changing a Deck into a Sunroom

If you already have a deck, but don’t have the room or the money for a sunroom, there is one solution to the problem. If the deck is the size that is desired for the room then it’s ready to go to the next step. If more space is needed then adding to it to make it larger

is the way to go. These are some of the add-ons that can be done over time that will not stop the space from being used.

The first step would be to build a roof. When preparing to start it make sure that the A – frame is leading off the house in the opposite direction, not beside it. When having two A – frames joined together side by side they have been known to leak over time, also to have other problems. After this is finished it is now a porch which still can be used until the money and time is right to build more.

The second step is to remove the pickets from the decking part of the porch. These will be replaced with treated plywood around the outer edge which four feet high. Now adding the siding or brick which ever is already being used to the outside of the plywood is the next step. Now if desired a screen door and screen can be added to keep the insects out. If the weather is getting cooler or cold at this time a strong plastic can be placed over the screens and a little heat added at night for warmth. When ready the plastic can be remove one or more sections at a time and a window or two inserted. It is your choice what type windows to use. This will be continued until all windows are place in.

Now it is time to start on the inside of the sunroom. These are the materials that are needed, two by fours, insulation and what other material will be used for the walls. This is by choice. The walls will be approximately four foot high, also floor covering will be needed. This also is by choice. A thin layer of plywood may need to be used on the floor before the actual covering. There are several things to choose from. The floor will need to be finished first then the walls. Use the two by fours by cutting them to be placed inside the wall area as support for the wall board. When choosing the floor covering, tile 16×16 works real well. The tile gives when the weather changes so placing them very tightly together keeps them from sliding apart or getting a crack between them. Unless replacing the whole floor this is the best material to use. In some cases the floor on a deck may not be completely level and even an eight of an inch can make a change. Now when all is finished a sunroom is now in place.

Meanwhile it was still used the entire time and the money was used as needed not all at once.

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