How to Make Cheap Fire Starters

Starting a fire indoors or out can be a bit challenging. A simple match does not usually do the trick. It takes fire starters to get the flames going, and they do not have to come from the store. You can make cheap fire starters using ordinary items found in and around the home. I do not buy expensive bundles of fat wood and other costly fire starters. I use cheap options when staring fires in my hearth, and they made the task incredibly easy.

Use Cardboard Tubes, Lint and Decorative Paper

My favorite fire starters are more than cheap. They are free since they are made from items that are usually thrown away. Save cardboard tissue paper tubes and dryer lint. Fill the tubes with the lint to make cheap fire starters. If you want to store them in a visible location, cover the tubes with wrapping paper of your choice. Secure the ends with paper twist, and place them in a woven basket. They will look like decorations.

Dry Out Pinecones to Use as Fire Starters

Pinecones also make fantastic fire starters, but they are not cheap. They are free for the taking. Ask friends and relatives to save pinecones that are woody rather than the soft sticky varieties. Dry them on newspapers, and store them in a basket. They will become part of the decor.

If you want colorful flames, refer to the article entitled Magical Fires: How to Make Treated Pinecones for Colored Flames. They will create quite a show! Most of the substances are cheap, and they can be found in discount stores and home improvement stores.

Save Wine Corks for Starting Fires

Wine corks are worth saving for a number of purposes that go far beyond sealing glass bottles. They are great for crafts, and they can be used as cheap fire starters. Stick one or two corks in between well placed logs. If they are dry and contain traces of alcohol, they will burn quickly and ignite the logs with very little effort.

Make Cheap Waxed Paper Wicks

Waxed paper wicks are also my favorite types of homemade fire starters, and they are very cheap and easy to make. Buy a roll of waxed paper, and tear off strips that are approximately four inches wide. Tightly roll up the strips and twist the ends to create fire starters. The waxed paper will burn very quickly, and they will make it easy to start an indoor or outdoor blaze.

Source: Personal Experience with Green Living and Budget Options

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