How to Remove a Shattered Oven Light in an Electric Oven

Oven light not working? Replacing a broken oven light is usually an easy fix. In most cases, these bulbs can be unscrewed from the receptacle (like any regular bulb) and replaced with a new bulb which is specifically rated for oven use. Where things get a little complicated is when the bulb has shattered in the socket.

Removing the bulb requires a needle nose pliers, flashlight, a helper, and these instructions:

1. Turn off the breaker switch. Before tackling this project, turn off the power to the stove at the circuit box. The stove is usually on its own switch which should be clearly labeled.

2. Unplug the stove. If you own a freestanding oven, you’re in luck. To reach the plug, simply pull the range away from the wall taking care not to scratch the floor. If you own a drop-in range, this must be lifted out of the frame to access the electrical connections. Removing a drop-in range is done by pushing the unit tightly against the back wall, then tilting it forward (with your helper) to release it from the safety bracket. Slide the range forward enough so that the unit can be unplugged. Shove the range back to the wall before moving on to the next step.

3. Removing the shattered bulb. Once the power has been shut off, open the door to the oven. Have your helper shine the flashlight on the bulb. Gently grasp one end of the broken bulb base and rotate it to the left until it has backed out of the socket. It’s OK to use your hands once the rim of the metal base has cleared the socket, providing there is no broken glass clinging to the base.

4. Replace with a new one. Replace the old bulb with the new one. Carefully clean up any glass that has fallen to the floor of the oven.

5. Restore power. Reverse steps 1 and 2 to restore power to the oven and push back into place.

These are the steps needed to replace a shattered oven light in an electric oven. While the process is quite simple, it does take a little time and a helper to make this DIY repair.

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