Cheap Pool Floats You Can Easily Make Yourself

Pools are a part of summer. Swimming is one of the most favored summer activities. If you have little ones, or even if it’s just yourself, you’ll need a pool float where you can relax. Don’t want to pay a fortune to relax? Make the float yourself and save a bundle!

There are lots of things that float, and therefore, lots of things from which you can create your own unique – and cheap – swimming pool floats. They’re fun to make using things you might have around the house or things that are very inexpensive.

Styrofoam cooler lids make perfect floats. They support quite a lot of weight and are easy to attach to each other. Look at a home improvement store for a spray-on adhesive that’s waterproof. Butt the lids together and you’ve got a float. Use the adhesive spray to add a layer of foam to the top. That will make the float even more comfortable. Some Styrofoam pieces, from product packaging, work in the same manner.

Duct tape and plastic soda or water bottles don’t make a beautiful float but they do make a fabulous float. The bottles just need to be all the same size and must have the lids tightened securely, or even glued on. Align the bottles to form the shape of the float then simply tape each bottle to the next. Butt them against each other, until you have the length you need, then create another row, and another, until the float is as wide as you need it to be. The pop bottles hold a lot of weight and can be made in different ways. Create a small float for a child by using 20 oz bottles. Make a huge float, suitable for gentle rafting, using two or three liter bottles. The floats will stay together for a long time if you’ve taped them sufficiently. Instead of tape you can also use waterproof spray-on adhesives.

Purchase a few pool noodles and make a float in no time. You’ll find the noodles at most dollar theme stores in vivid colors and various sizes. Butt the noodles together and use a spray-on adhesive and noodles which are all the same size. The noodles are generally long enough that they would fit anyone’s height. Butt together as many as you need to make the float as wide as you’d like. It’s quick and easy to create this colorful and useful float.

Make instant temporary floats for children by using bubble wrap. There are many types of bubble wrap but you’ll want to choose the type which has fairly large bubbles. Use spray adhesive to secure them or just wrap them in duct tape. Slide the circular bubble wrap creations onto the biceps area of your child’s arms and he or she will stay afloat. A sheet of bubble wrap can also be placed in the back of a girl’s bathing suit, and she’ll stay afloat while learning to swim. Since boys’ bathing suits don’t have backs, a boy can wear a t-shirt while swimming, and the bubble wrap can be placed in the back.

Create ring floats using bubble wrap, too. Use a long piece of bubble wrap, and roll it like a jelly roll, until it’s as round as a typical ring float. Staple, tape or glue the ends together to form a circle that’s perfect for a child’s waist. The circular floats take only a minute to make and are very efficient. Nowadays, you can purchase tape in many colors. This allows you to create something a little more professional looking than you could with ordinary duct tape.

Water is fun but it can be very dangerous. Make sure you have plenty of pool floats for the children in the family – and one or two for yourself! They’re fun, easy, and cheap to make, so what’s holding you back?

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