Planning Ahead – The Mantra for a Successful House Move

Studies in the UK have indicated that among all the stressful events in our lives, people believe that moving homes ranks the highest. But it doesn’t have to be that way, because by planning ahead and organizing everything, we can keep the stress away.

It’s probably because we have to grapple with numerous things related to a move that makes it such a tension inducer. But being organized helps considerably and by meticulously making arrangements prior to the move, you can make it a successful event. Start making your plans right from the beginning because if you relegate more and more things to be done later, then you’re most likely to forget about them resulting in quite a few problems.

One of the first things to do is to decide about how you will make this happen. Some people prefer to contact professional movers, and there are many to choose from in the UK. But make sure to call them up and fix up the dates in advance. If you don’t want to tear your hair out in frustration on the big day, remind them a couple of days in advance at least. If you’ve decided against using professional services and plan on doing the moving yourself, you still have to be organized to make sure that you don’t make unnecessary trips back and forth. Also remember to inform the driver about the destination.

While setting things in motion, keep in mind to get in touch with your utility service providers. These include the electricity, telephone and broadband providers. Tell them at least four weeks prior to your move, so all your connections are ready at the new place when you move in. This also saves you from paying the charges which the person who lived before you has run up.

Coming down to the nitty gritty of packing, remember that it will not help if you keep shovelling things inside boxes. Be practical and try to pack all your important things in such a way that you can retrieve them easily. This is also the best time to de-clutter your home, and if you’re discarding or giving away those things that you no longer require, then the added bonus is that you will also have more space in your new home.

The meek might inherit the earth, but it is the wise who organize and plan their move so that at the end, they can sit back and even enjoy it.

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