Cheating in Baseball With Steroids and Corked Bats

Finally they are bringing back some dignity to a wonderful and historic sport. There is no way that the sport that has been called “‘s pastime” should be sullied by cheaters.

The new tests and consequences for taking steroids have no doubt helped to clean up the game. The soon to be government imposed mandatory one year ban for first time offenders will go further to push steroids out of the mainstream. Baseball has sent a message to steroid freaks that they’re cheating will not be allowed. Now baseball needs to get its act together and start cracking down on the other players who are perverting the game, the rest of the cheaters.

Players like corked bat Sammy Sosa, and newly outed Brenden Donnally. These cheaters should be subject to the same penalties as those who abuse steroids. Donnally should be suspended for the rest of the season. Sosa should have been suspended for the rest of the season he got caught using a corked bat. Their excuses should be ignored just like the “It was just a supplement” or “I rubbed cream on my butt but I didn’t know what it was” pleas of the steroid abusers.

Congress has claimed that by cracking down on steroids they are protecting the youth of . Far fetched as that is, if they are serious Baseball must crack down on cheaters of all types. Steroid abusers, corked batsmen and pine tar glovers. Crack down now, or just wait until Little Jimmy sues the school because he was expelled for writing his Geography final answers on the bottom of his shoe.

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