Why You Should Watch CSI

Why You AND Your Kids Should Watch CSI

If CSI had been a show in 1968, I may not have grown up to be a writer! Crime Scene Investigation is a forensics-based cop show aired on CBS prime time that packs a detective-like punch. The show started out as merely CSI – based in Las Vegas; then, with popularity grew to CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

Blast From the Past
Borrowing bits and pieces from shows gone by, CSI boasts a smorgasbord of the very best cop-show ingredients. From long-ago Dragnet (1967) the events you are about to see are true, to the Miami Vice with the meaningful, heartstring music and serious endings, to the scrutinizing eye of Quincy (1976)�CSI has it all.

Science as a Career
But that’s not the only reason the kids can join in, too. Yes, some of the topics may be graphic for the very young, but parents can be the judge of that. It’s no gorier than Lord of the Rings! CSI uses scientific intelligence. This is a great motivator for kids to explore the world in which they live. If they are seriously interested in investigative crime they should know that they need a Bachelors degree in a physical science such as chemistry, biology or physics. It’s a good way to begin the education discussion topic.
Some of the jobs available in forensics include but are not limited to:

� Crime Scene Technician
� Crime Scene Investigator
� Laboratory Technician
� Laboratory Analyst for Special Projects
� Forensic Analyst
� Criminalist

Life is Still Full of Personal Problems
The people of CSI are real, too. They have real problems, real families, and real disappointments. Gil Grissom (William L. Petersen) has a hearing loss problem which affects his life and his work, while Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) has baggage from the past that affects her present day thought life. Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) is a single mom. However, these people persevere and get the job done – but, the show doesn’t end without mentioning the “little problems” in life again.

Using cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes the stars of the show make the laboratory portion of the show seem very real. To kids, this may be inspirational. Collecting and analyzing evidence to help victims who cannot speak for themselves. It’s like being a one-way counselor.

Parents do need to use discretion though. Sex is plastered all over the internet, the TV, on billboards, and supermarket tabloids. If sexual content is not something that parents allow their children to watch, then CSI may not be appropriate. As an example, in one of the episodes a college girl was found dead at the beach; cause of death: drowning. However, it was chlorinated water that the coroner found in the young woman’s lungs. The search began for the crime scene involving a pool.

The search brings investigators to the Canadian consulate in Miami; (another slice of reality of what goes on in government agencies.) Throughout the investigation, vignettes of the young woman having sex with the perpetrator are pretty evident of ‘fun with force’ which ended up in her death. It may be disturbing to some viewers.

For adults, the action is fast-paced enough to keep the interest at a level of intrigue, while some of the stuff is just plain fascinating. The show also shows the importance of the “little things” (another good parent/child) topic!

Naturally, the show isn’t suited for all families, but most will agree that the science, intelligence, police work (though TV police) and personalities really give those who watch something to talk about. See if it works for you!

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