Liberal Bias in Our Schools

As many of you may know, the conservative think-tank Students For Academic Freedom introduced last year a “Students’ Bill of Rights” after complaints from conservative students about liberal bias in the classroom. Legislators in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, California and Indiana took up the cause of these persecuted seekers of knowledge, introducing legislation to adopt a similar set of rules in their states concerning the hiring of educators and their responsibility to present a fair and balanced curriculum to impressionable young minds.

I strongly support these measures, as should all concerned patriots. While attending college, I saw firsthand the rampant liberalism in our nations’ institutions of higher learning. As an example, while considering majors at universities across the country, I was shocked to discover that nearly every one had a Liberal Arts program, yet not one offered a degree in or even mentioned Conservative Arts. Moreover, many professors at my own dear Alma Mater were often heard expressing their political beliefs within earshot of us students, sometimes jesting and making disparaging comments about conservatives and the Grand Old Party. Despicable!

The Students’ Bill of Rights seeks to stop this liberal brainwashing. An excerpt of the SAF material reads,

” Academic freedom consists in protecting the intellectual independence of professors, researchers and students in the pursuit of knowledge and the expression of ideas from interference by legislators or authorities within the institution itself. This means that no political, ideological or religious orthodoxy will be imposed on professors and researchers through the hiring or tenure or termination process, or through any other administrative means by the academic institution. Nor shall legislatures impose any such orthodoxy through their control of the university budget. “

In other words, we must protect the intellectual rights of teachers and students by making it illegal to hire or fire educators based on their political beliefs. We must also make it illegal for a professor to make his or the students’ political bias a factor in the evaluation and grading of a student’s coursework. The only way to do this is to force universities to hire more conservative professors and make sure that conservative viewpoints are presented to the students.

The radical left is taking over our schools and seeking to strip them of all vestiges of independent thought and Christian values. Liberal professors are seeking to turn our precious youth into weak-willed, immoral peaceniks. I urge you to support the efforts of the brave students of SAF by paying a visit to their website below,and thank God that the Bush administration, fifty-three percent of Congress, and fifty-five percent of Senators managed to make it through college without being subverted by the rampant liberal bias in our nation’s schools.

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