Willow Trace: Closest Thing to Dorms at North Georgia College and State University

The way the dorm system is set up at North Georgia College and State University is simple. If you are a female or in the cadet program then the welcome mat is rolled out for you. However, if you are neither of these things, then your only option is to commute. There is another alternative to driving half an hour or more every day just to get to class. That alternative is the apartments in Willow Trace.

Offering 1 and 2 bedroom units, Willow Trace is right across the street from campus, and the lease agreements are flexible enough to still leave you with some options once the semester has ended. Also, rent is set on a competitive level, often being as low as $525 a month for 2-bedroom and $400 or less a month for 1-bedroom units. Openings come and go with the seasons, and the best time for availability is the beginning or duration of the summer season, and right at the start of Christmas holidays.

The management staff of Willow Trace is an easy-going crew that are also willing to help you out if you get in a bind with your rent or lease. The owners of the actual complex are there every day doing maintenance and beautifcation work to the buildings. For the most part the staff stays out of your business as long as your business isn’t interfering with theirs’.
Another big perk about living in Willow Trace versus anywhere else is that your individual unit can be altered and customized to suit your wants and needs. The security deposit is handled in a pretty liberal fashion, and as long as there is no structural or catastrophically unsanitary damages to the unit, the money will be returned on your departure.

The only real gripe I have about Willow Trace is that there are some points when the “college lifestyle” takes hold to many residents and the place becomes a block party. There are times when this is acceptable, such as Summer or Spring Break, and during the winter holidays. However, at times such as the weeks before finals, this can be a little distracting.

For the most part, however, Willow Trace provides an ideal setting for the college student to live and thrive. I wouldn’t raise any children or set up permanent residence there, but as an alternative to dorm living and drill seargeants in the morning, I’ll take it any day.

For more information about Willow Trace, just pick up any copy of the Dahlonega Nugget. There are always ads for availability in the classifieds section.

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