Checking a Shower for Leaks

On occasion showers begin to leak. It is often hard to determine the cause of the leak in a shower. The leak could stem from a bad connection on the shower head, a clogged shower head, cracks or breaks in the pipes or the valves could be the problem.

The shower head is the connection on the outer area at the top of the pipes that sometimes has the holes become clogged due to hard water building up. The pipes in the walls sometimes can crack or split due to pipes freezing or some other type of structural damage. Then on occasion the on and off knobs can strip the cogs that turn the water on and off on the outside of the knobs or where they connect to the pipes in the wall.

In many instances, the leaking in the shower nozzle and knobs can be replaced with parts from a local hardware store. The biggest thing to remember, when replacing any of these items, is to turn the water off before beginning the replacement process.

If you plan on doing this minor repair yourself, read the instructions before beginning. Also, you can do any extra research in plumbing books at the library or book store. There are also DIY sites that can help with instructions on repairing the leaking shower heads and faucet knobs.

Also when it comes to the shower or bathtub knobs, providing your shower is included in the bathtub, O-rings can fix the knob leakage problem. The O-rings over time become worn, dried out, and cracked.

If the shower head or outer knobs are not causing the problem, you will then need to call a plumber to tackle the inner pipes of the shower. Many plumbers have the knowledge of replacing small areas of drywall where they are needing to fix broken or cracked pipes in the wall. Just remember not all plumbers have that type of knowledge.

If you are uncomfortable replacing the shower head or the knobs in your shower or tub, call a professional plumber to take care of the problem. Also, if the plumber does not replace the drywall or tile during the job, you will need to hire a professional carpenter or handy man to repair the area where the plumber had to tear out the wall to fix the pipes. While this can be expensive in itself, it is better than having a flooded bathroom.

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