Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Are you ready to sell your house? Before putting it up for sale, I’d like to give you a few pointers on what my real estate agent told me to do before they started showing my house. A few simple improvements here and there make the house more presentable to a potential buyer.

If you house needs a painting either inside or out, do it yourself and save alot of money. Inside paint the walls a neutral color such as white or off white. Colored walls are sometimes a turn off to potential buyers because it might not be their color of choice and they are thinking right away that they will have to paint. Most buyers are looking to move right in and not have to do any improvements right away. One coat of paint over the walls will freshen the rooms up too.

Clean, clean, clean. People want to see a spotless house. They don’t want to move into another persons dirt. So clean everything, appliances in and out, cabinets, floors, windows, bathroom tub and fixtures. Clean the ceiling fixtures, woodwork, window sills and carpets. Make everything shine and sparkle.

Put away all your nic-nacs. Take away as much clutter as you can. This will make the house more open and seem bigger to the buyer. People will focus more on the room size instead of admiring your nic-nacs. Put pictures away and take out some furniture that you aren’t using. Again this will make the rooms look bigger and give the buyer a better idea of how they can fit their own furniture into your house.

Air out your house by opening the windows and either spray air fresheners or burn scented candles to make the house smell pleasant. Take down any dark drapes or curtains on your windows to make as much natural light in the house as possible. Put higher wattage light bulbs in your light fixtures to lighten the place up.

Make sure everything is in working order. All appliances should work properly, the plumbing should be free of leaks, the wood should not be rotted and there should be no holes in the walls . If there is anything major that needs fixing, perhaps you can negotiate this in the price of the house.

Clean up your outside area too. Throw away any clutter in your yard, keep the grass cut and weed out your garden. Put down mulch in your garden, this will improve the appearance of the outside. If the weather is warm, plant some annual plants of color in your garden, but don’t spend alot of money on plants that the new owner might not like.

When your house is ready to go on the market you will be worry free. Leave the house and go outside so the real estate agent could show the house without the buyers feeling that they are being watched. I used these tips by my real estate agent and my house sold on the second showing in just two days. Good luck to you too.

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