Checklist for Spring Window Care and Maintenance

Along with spring cleaning and spring maintenance tasks for the home, this is a great time to take care of the windows too. Spring window maintenance is about shining up those windows and taking care of the little tasks that keep windows functioning smoothly.

Wash from top to bottom. To remove winter grime from your exterior windows, scrub the exterior glass, sash, and window casing with a mild solution of ammonia and warm water. Polish up the glass with a soft towel, wipe down the sash, and then examine the perimeter of the window for areas of damage.

Make exterior repairs where need. Common exterior window problems include peeling paint and sash rot. As soon as weather permits, make these repairs as needed to prevent further damage.

Wash screens and install. To remove winter dust, hose down your window screens and let dry in the sun for a couple of hours before installing. Just like your windows, these should too be inspected for signs of damage. Loose screens that have slipped out their channels can be repaired following these easy instructions.

Wash interior windows and channels. This two step process begins with opening the window and gently washing out the grim that has collected in the channels over the winter. If your windows are wood clad, avoid using water and try a dry stiff brush instead to knock away dust and other debris. Vinyl clad windows are safe to clean with warm water. Once the channels are clean, close the window and wash the interior pane using a spray cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towels.

Inspect the glass for damage. The settling of a house may cause cracks in the glass that often aren’t noticeable until the window has been cleaned. To prevent the pane from breaking on its own and injuring someone, place a piece of duct tape over the crack to hold the glass in place. As soon as possible, hire a handyman to repair the glass for you, or remove the window yourself and bringing it to a glass repair shop.

Test the hardware. The last task on the list is testing the locks, cranks, and other hardware. Loose locks should be tightened, damaged or missing locks and cranks should be replaced. Replacement hardware can be found at home centers or ordered through custom window retailers.

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