Children’s Books: Did You Know About These?

Want to know what some of the best children books are? Some parents have a hard time picking out things at the bookshop for themselves, let alone understand what children books are great to read. Take these suggestions and give them a read yourself. You may find some new favorites.

One of the most popular lines of children books are the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter is a boy who discovers he is a wizard. He goes off the wizard school to meet new friends, but trouble can happen any place, even where there might be magic. Paintings talk and move around, ghosts are around every corner but there is always a lot of fun to be had at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Next, if your children books do not have enough fantasy there is the author Cornelia Funke. She is a writer from German and she was so popular there they translated her works. Among them is a book called Inkheart and a sequel called Inkspell. In the books, young girl discovers that her father has the ability to read characters out of books. In the story, even Tinker Bell from Peter Pan is brought out from the pages and brought to life. It is bound to be a classic for a number of children all over the world.

If you are looking for children books for a much younger generation, you might want to try Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese. This read aloud story is another one that is sure to bring laughter to your younger children as you read to them. The story is about a piece of cheese that tries to run away before Glitter Girl can eat it. Many children love it and enjoy looking at the great pictures too.

If you loved the Wizard of Oz, then you children might enjoy reading the Living House of Oz. Imagine an actual house that can move and talk and all the things inside, from the bed to the hat stand can talk and move too. Anything is possible in Oz of course and it makes an excellent addition to any library.

Children books are great for everyone, even older adults. I know I enjoy reading some of the classics, like Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIHM or even a Wrinkle in Time. If you haven’t visited the library lately, check out some of the shelves for children books. You may be surprised at some of the new titles and some of those familiar favorites too.

The best sort of children books though your children will not want to let go and they will want to read over and over. It is best that you visit the bookstore and find some that you can bring home for your kids. Not sure still what they might like? Try taking them to the bookshop with you and let them pick out their favorites. You might be surprised at what they really like as far as books go.

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