Chinese Restaurants in Milwaukee: Top Four

Craving crab rangoon? Savouring sesame sauce? Wanting won-tons? The good news is that Milwaukee, though not brimming with Chinese restaurants, has several standouts – mostly on the East Side. Whether you want take-out, delivery, or dine-in, one of my four favourite Chinese restaurants in Milwaukee should satisfy.

Chinese Restaurants in Milwaukee: #1
East Garden
3600 N. Oakland
Shorewood (just a few blocks north of the Milwaukee border)
MCTS Routes: 15

When dining in for a casual yet complete meal, East Garden in Shorewood hits the spot, despite slightly inflated prices. With comfortable booths that offer privacy and an veering interior that surpasses expectations, East Garden is by no means high dining – but it takes Chinese restaurants up a notch from black lacquered chairs and tacky fans on the wall above a buffet. I’d save East Garden for a full, sit-down meal – replete with jasmine or oolong tea, appetizers, and a main course like sesame chicken or peppered beef. The fawning staff are charming, too.

Chinese Restaurants in Milwaukee: #2
2430 N. Murray
MCTS Routes: 21, 30, 15

Tucked in an East Side nook next to an Open Pantry convenience store, Hop Sheng somehow manages to stay below the radar. Once introduced to it, though, people become loyal. From the outside, it looks like a hole in the wall, but the inside is tidy, if tiny. Hop Sheng staff are polite and pride themselves on authentic cuisine. And the food is indeed exceptional – no concerns about the quality of the meat. They seem to trade greasiness for subtle flavour, a welcome exchange! Like East Garden, this is an appropriate place to share a full meal. Prices are surprisingly cheap, too.

Chinese Restaurants in Milwaukee: #3
1820 N. Farwell Ave.

MCTS Routes: 30 and 15

In the summer of 2005, a tidy little Chinese take-out and delivery den opened on Farwell Avenue, next to a George Webb diner and across from the Pizza Shuttle. As someone who’s often critical of meat quality, I found the Chopstix chicken to be acceptable. The prices are reasonable given the volume of food you’ll receive. No dinky little cartons hereâÂ?¦you get full-on styrofoam containers brimming with your entrÃ?©e and sides. I recommend the sweet and sour chicken, the sesame beef, crab rangoon, and all the fried rice you can eat. Sadly, unless you choose to “dine in” at one of the three folding tables, Chopstix is take-out and delivery only. The good news is that they delivr well past midnight.

Chinese Restaurants in Milwaukee: #4 (oddly enough, given their name)
No. 1 Chinese Restaurant
2678 S. Kinnickinnic Ave

MCTS Routes: 15

Every time I go to No. 1, I wonder if they meant “No 1” instead. The place is empty, yet its Kinnickinnic location and kitsch red-boothed dÃ?©cor should make it a hipster hangout. Apparently they do more delivery business, which is a shame because the in-house staff are friendly and attentive (though maybe they’re just bored). The food is acceptable, standard Chinese fare, and the prices are low. I recommend the beef dishes over the chicken dishes, but I have only praise for their array of soups.

Chinese Restaurants in Milwaukee: One Place to Avoid

Emporer of China. It’s simply overrated due its Brady Street location. My three brief thoughts are:
– The atmosphere is sterile, even though it’s trying hard not to be.
– The food is of poor quality, despite pleasant presentation.
– Staff are gruff, even if attentive.

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