Stir Fried Teriyaki Steak Salad Recipe

The salad here is presented in an Asian style. The steak is cooked in Teriyaki marinade with olive oil and served on salad and yellow pepper. Hearty enough to make a complete meal. Although it is best if you let the steak to marinade in Teriyaki for two hours, you can still do well without the marinade.

The salad is pure delight for those who love beef and look for ways to make it better and more delicious. The steak is served hot usually with any bread, preferably peta bread to accentuate the experience and make it more filling. Our step by step guide will provide you with the recipe and everything else you need to prepare this dish and surprise and amuse your guests with it.

Serving size: 4 person
Preparation time: 12 minutes
Utensils required: Non stick pan, four individual serving platters, knife and cutting board

Calories: 280
Fat: 12 g
Cholesterol: 40 mg


– thick-cut lean sirloin or rump steak
– 1 tbsp teriyaki marinade
– 150g baby leaf and rocket salad
– 1 finely sliced yellow pepper
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 3 tbsp teriyaki marinade



  • 1

    Put the sirloin or rump steak on the cutting board. It should be around 300g. Use a knife to cut it into thin strips along the grain. If you have enough time, marinade these strips with 1 tablespoon Teriyaki sauce and keep covered in the refrigerator.

  • 2

    Slice up the yellow pepper and toss it together with the baby leaf.  Divide this among the four serving platters. The baby leaf will serve as the bed for the steak.

  • 3

    Heat a non stick frying pan until it is hot. Pour one tablespoon olive oil and use a spoon to spread it on the base. Add the steak strips to this pan and stir fry for a minute or until the beef gets brown on the inside. Add 3 tablespoon Teriyaki marinade and 1 tablespoon water and swirl around to coat the meat. Remove from heat and spoon onto the salad. Serve hot.

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