Make an Invitation for an Ice Cream Party

If you are thinking about holding an ice cream party at your place, then it is important that you make a list of all the guests that you wish to invite. For this, you should take time in organising the guest list as this will give you a good idea about how many invitations you have to make for the ice cream party. There are a few important details that every invitation should have like your address, time and date of the party and a brief message. Check out these simple tips to help you make invitations for your next ice cream party.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Ribbons
– Buttons
– Glitter
– Invitation Kit
– Printer
– Cards
– Invitation Template


  • 1

    Gain familiarity with the available font style, sizes, colours and clip arts

    It is important that understand the different things that can be done with clip art, font styles and various colours on your computer.  There are dozens of font styles and majority of the people have not used these. Therefore, it is necessary that you should play with these styles and check all of them before picking the best. Similarly, once you have chosen the font style, you should scroll through the colours and select a reasonable font size according to the background.

  • 2

    Choose a theme

    After you have selected the font size, styles and colours, you must choose a theme for your invitation card. For this, you must consider the type of card you will be using, background colour and any accessories like ribbons, buttons or glitters that will add decorative value to the invitation cards.

  • 3

    Paste a picture on the front

    Using pictures on invitation cards is quite trendy these days. You should choose a nice picture from your collection and paste it on your cards.

  • 4

    Choose an invitation kit

    There is a wide variety of invitation kits that are available online. You can easily order one in accordance to the theme of your ice cream party. There are many options available and once you have selected everything all you have to do is wait for your kit to arrive. These invitation kits make it easy to put together professional looking cards that you can give to family or friends.

  • 5

    Choose a template

    You should choose an invitation template from the internet or make one of your own. After you have selected the template, use it to make your invitation cards accordingly.

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