The devil has a way of trying us, meaning that he comes around to the Christian inspecting our armor. H e looks intently for chinks in the helmet of salvation, our belief that Jesus is true as our way to heaven. He checks the breastplate of righteousness to see if we are living more worldly. If finding a crack or crevasse, we are surely to sin quite possibly destroying our witness for Christ.

It is imperative, for all of us, to draw nigh to Jesus. Resist the devil and he shall flee from you, draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you-but we must resist our nemesis. We are not given armor of God just to memorize what each piece does. We are to use them.

Yes, temptation will be with us until our last breath. If the devil cannot get you to commit a sexual sin, he’ll try getting you hate someone. If that doesn’t work maybe love of money may work. A good soldier of Christ is ready to fight; ready to suffer (easier written than done); and ready to love.

Check your armor: make sure there is no rust, sharpen your sword, and hold it as the greatest treasure, next to salvation, that God has given you.

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