Chocolate and Yoga: Healthy Indulgences

With the growing recognition of the health benefits of chocolate, thousands of spas across the country are customizing their menus to accommodate yoga and chocolate combinations. Detoxing with chocolate has already made its way to facials, body wraps, and even indulgent chocolate bath soaks for a completely nourishing service. Head-to-toe indulgence with fruit and chocolate combinations continues to be a popular service at many luxury spas, and hotels are offering in-room amenities that incorporate dark chocolate treats upon turn down for the evening.

Yoga and chocolate are a powerful combination that can create an enhanced state of ‘flow’ and peace for both body and mind. Yoga itself can help soothe your muscles and body, energizing from within. As a response to the growing trend, Vosges Chocolate sponsors a series of Yoga + Chocolate workshops and series across the country. The company also offers a popular retreat that travels to Oaxaca, Mexico for a truly authentic experience. Oaxaca is considered the birthplace of chocolate, and the trip is led by the Vosges founder; accommodations and meals cost each person $3,900.

Another all-inclusive package presented by David Romanelli of Vosges chocolate takes place in Massachusetts. The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health offers an educational program with meals and accommodations with prices ranging from $374-$790 per person dpending on style of room. The guided class incorporates the Vinyasa yoga style with various truffles to open up each chakra, or energy point.

The Vosges Chocolate workshops take place at spas, fitness centers, and yoga studios where participants usually pre-register for the evening. The flowing yoga session is usually 2.5 hours in length, with the first hour of ‘flow’ yoga, one hour of cooling stretches, and the addition of music, aromatherapy, color, and even massage. The final half hour introduces the magnificent Vosges truffle, a delicious and potent blend of fine dark chocolate to soothe, relax, and create a peaceful state of mind.

The Vosges chocolate brand offers one of the world’s finest blends and combinations for authentic and high-quality chocolate. Experienced chefs use the bittersweet bars in many of today’s most-coveted desserts, and count on its high quality and flexible uses. Each truffle is made with distinct herbs, flavors, and spices that can range from chipotle chili peppers, Ceylon cinnamon, traditional teas, ginger, curry, coconut, espresso, nuts, berries, and other herbs.

The powerfully pure dark chocolate classifies the brand as ‘haut chocolat.’ The distinct product lines are available online including truffle collections, chocolate bars and chips, unique wedding and party favors, and baking ingredients for those truly special occasions. Combining a Vosges chocolate experience with the benefits of yoga may just lead to its short-term health benefits, and a long-term taste for a guilty pleasure!

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