How to Give Yourself Estrogen Injections

Estrogen injections are recommended to women for producing estrogen, an important hormone that is needed for effective functioning of metabolic system. Estrogen’s production in the body is hurt because of an injury to ovary or due to menopause. Giving yourself injection requires special care, from preparing  syringe to getting the injection. Also, observe all the health and safety rules while injecting the estrogen to yourself.


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    Consult Your Doctor

    Estrogen injection is only recommended by the doctor,  and that is after examination of the person who is getting it. You should consult your doctor to get it prescribed. The injection is prescribed for many problems i.e. prevention from heart attack, osteoporosis and some other complications. So it is better to consult your doctor before getting it.

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    Preparation of Syringe

    You should start preparing the syringe by washing your hands. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Then take out the syringe from its wrapper. Make sure you are ready to inject estrogen, and do not prepare syringe well before the injection time. Pull the plunger down to draw the air in the syringe. Before that, make sure you have secured the needle at the right place. Press the plunger to let the air out.

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    Filling Dose

    Fill the syringe with right amount of dose. You will have the syringe marked on the side for measurement of the dose. Follow instructions from your doctor to fill the dose. After filling the dose, just press the plunger gently to let the air bubbles out of the syringe. You must clear the air bubbles from the syringe before the injection.

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    Preparing Injection Area of Skin

    Keep the syringe at a safe and clean place for a moment and prepare the skin area where you want to inject estrogen. Estrogen is injected in muscles and you can choose the part around your thighs, if want to. That is the most recommended place. Make sure you rub that place with a swab that is prepared in alcohol for about 15 seconds.

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    Injecting Medicine

    After preparing the skin area with an alcohol swab, keep the syringe needle at about 90 degree angle in the area while stretching the skin on the area between index finger and thumb of other hand. Firmly inject the needle inside the skin, and pull the plunger slightly to see if there is blood in the needle. If blood comes in the needle you will have to do the entire process again, with use of a new needle. After the process, gently rub the injection place with the alcohol swab and dispose of the syringe at a safe place.

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