Choosing a Doctor or Midwife

Should I Choose A Doctor or Midwife?

Women today have been seriously giving consideration as to whom they would like to care for them during their pregnancy. Some women are staying with their doctors, and still some women are choosing to have a midwife care for them. The decision is simply a personal one. It is basically choosing between a more medical approach or a more personal, yet certified approach.

The medical approach

The medical approach can either be with a doctor or an obstetrician. Those women with high risk pregnancies or those who will deliver by C-section will probably need to choose the medical approach. The medical approach also means that the doctor is feeling that the caregiver should be prepared at all times in case of an emergency. He or she also feels that you should not go through your pregnancy or delivery without the use of any or all medical equipment that is available.

Midwife approach

The personal, yet certified, approach to pregnancy is through a midwife. One main thought a midwife has is that the mother should have choices about her pregnancy, labor, and delivery. They also believe that most of the time, medical equipment is not always necessary. But midwives also believe that when a problem arises during a woman’s pregnancy, a doctor needs to be involved.

Choosing a midwife

When you start your search for a midwife, you will want to know how much or how extensive of training she has had. You may also want to know if she has a good working relationship with the medical staff at the hospital in case something should go wrong during labor or delivery. In general, choose one that will have the same beliefs that you do about your care during pregnancy. If money is an issue, you may want to find out if having a midwife is going to be covered by insurance. Or, which way will be the less expensive way to go. In other words, you will want to know how much your prospective midwife is going to charge you.

There are midwives that work in birthing centers in the hospital. Most of them are able to go in to the delivery room with you if you choose to or need to have your baby at the hospital. They encourage family involvement as much as possible. They also try to accommodate the mother and her wishes when it is humanly possible.

The birthing room of the midwife is devoid of the medical and sterile look. Instead you will find a family friendly atmosphere that encourages family and friends to come and take your mind off your labor pains.

The midwife will also be available for six weeks after the birth of your baby. She will come to your home for postpartum checkups. She will not only be there for your physical health but also as your support person that will help you deal with any concerns you may have.

So, the most important thing to remember in choosing your care taker is what needs do need or want fulfilled during your pregnancy.

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