Choosing the Perfect Equine Veterinarian for Your Horse in Houston, Texas

Veterinarians who specialize in the care of horses, donkies, mules, and other livestock are often difficult to find, especially in a metropolis like Houston. In my experience, letting someone without a speciality treat a horse is akin to letting an ear, nose, and throat doctor perform surgery on a broken ankle; it just doesn’t make sense. Find a veterinarian who knows the diseases, injuries, and maintenance of horses backwards and forwards so you are always assured the best care possible.

There are three equine veterinarians in Houston with whom I have never minded doing business. They are all competent vets, all with their own distinct qualities, and all available to accept new customers.

1. Dr. Buff Hildreth, DVM

Buff is one of the best vets I have ever worked with. She has poor “bedside manners” – she is often gruff and rather quiet – but she knows horses and makes excellent diagnoses. She is affiliated with East Wind Ranch as well as the American Cutting Horse Association, which is one of her passions. When it comes to sports injuries, she is most knowledgable about cutting, reining, reining cow horse, barrels, poles, and western pleasure injuries, and she is always quick to arrive when it comes to colic.

Dr. E.W. “Buff” Hildreth
8925 FM 359
Mobile Veterinary Services
Richmond, TX 77469
(281) 342-7553 (If no answer, leave a message)
Emergency: (281) 586-6146

2. Dr. Aimee S. Beckham, DVM

Aimee Beckham is my favorite veterinarian, and one of the most talented I have ever met. She truly cares about every horse she treats, and is quick to scold a negligent owner. Educated at Texas A&M, she recently began to build her own private practice, which she operates out of Waller, Texas. She does “house-calls” throughout West Houston, and is affiliated with Katy Equine Clinic, where she worked before she opened up her private practice. Aimee is kind, friendly, and helpful, and is also quite funny. She is also very to-the-point; she gives it to you straight, no matter what is wrong with your horse.

Aimee S. Beckham, DVM
31 Waller Gladish Road
Waller, TX
(979) 921-9276

3. Katy Equine Clinic

Katy Equine is owned by Dr. James M. Heitman, DVM, MS. He is an excellent veterinarian as well as a capable surgeon. His wife, Alice Heitman, owns Horsegate Ranch, which breeds and raises world class horses and Brahman cattle. They are amazingly humble people who give generously to the community and who treat all patients as their own. The clinic itself is clean and well-maintained, and equipped to handle nearly all possible injuries or illnesses. If there is a problem they cannot handle, they are quick to refer owners to Texas A&M University’s clinic in College Station.

Katy Equine Clinic
James M. Heitmann, DVM, MS.
Katy, Texas 77492
Phone: 281-391-8250
Fax: 281-934-4994

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