How to Deal With Patulous Eustachian Tubes

Patulous Eustachian tubes is an abnormal condition in which the Eustachian tubes of the patient remain open when they should normally remain closed. This results in the sound of the patient’s breathing, swallowing, heart-beat, talking, etc. vibrating on the ear-drum. It is extremely common for the patients and even the doctors to confuse this disorder with blocked Eustachian tube or Eustachian tube dysfunction.

If you are suffering from Patulous Eustachian tubes, you can go for surgery to get the problem resolved. However, it is much better to try out the natural remedies first before opting for the surgical treatment.


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    Instead of aggressively sucking in or blowing out to correct the pressure in the tube, it is better to simply lean forward and let the tubes close. Attempting to correct the pressure by sucking in or blowing out while holding the nose may prevent the tube from functioning properly and consequently make the problem even worse.

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    Get yourself tested for allergies and intolerance. It has been confirmed that certain foods can aggravate the problem. Acid indigestion has been identified as one of the many factors that can contribute to the worsening of Patulous Eustachian tubes.

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    Caffeine, alcohol and chocolates should be avoided. If you rely on a cup of coffee or tea early in the morning to keep going throughout the day, then look for an alternative boost, unless you want to keep suffering from Patulous Eustachian tubes.

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    Start consuming more foods that are rich in Vitamin A. Spinach and liver are a good source of Vitamin A, though there are plenty of other foods that you can opt to include in your diet.

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    Yoga can help to relax the muscles surrounding and controlling the Eustachian tubes. This particular type of exercise helps in loosening the muscles and stretching the body. It also helps the mind to relax.

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    While intensive exercise is good for resolving many health-related issues, it has an opposite effect when the problem is a Patulous Eustachian tube since it opens the tube. It is therefore imperative to avoid intensive exercise while you have a problem with your Eustachian tubes.

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    There are a few therapies that can help you deal with the problem that you are suffering. You can either go for NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique), which relieves the spine off pressure and enables the body to realign. You can alternatively go for sound therapy, which uses different frequencies of sounds to help a patient.

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