Over the last several years we’ve shopped almost every Friday! Why? Because they offer Fabulous Friday Specials. Every Friday you can get movies, books, bibles and more for huge discounts.

How did we learn about Well a few years ago someone recommended a Greek Study Bible to us. This was really hard to find so they suggested that we check on-line with We’ve been fans ever since. offers a wide variety of products such as Christian books, music, teaching/study materials, movies and even gift items. You can also purchase large quantities at discounts like bibles or hymnals.

To date we’ve made over a couple dozen purchases and have always been satisfied. Never once has an order been wrong and it is always delivered earlier than expected.

The layout of the web site is also an asset for this company. Many times it’s difficult to find sale items (I’m always looking for a deal) but their site is very easy to navigate. You can search by category and/or by keyword. There are also sub-categories making it very easy to narrow down what you’re looking for.

Many companies are now doing away with printed publications but not We regularly receive a nice color catalog allowing us to shop with them off line and possibly find something we missed on line. In this catalog there are usually loads of sale items. Sometimes you can get a $20 book for $2 or $3, or a music CD for $1.99. (Fabulous Friday items are just as good). My husband and I usually stock up on cd’s for gifts at Christmas time, etc.

There are also lots of resource materials on this site for those who homeschool and/or home fellowship. Some of these materials are hard to find elsewhere.

As with any other web site you must first set up an account using your e-mail address and other pertinent information. If you are using one of their catalogs they ask you to enter the catalog number to ensure that you get the advertised price.

Shopping with has been a wonderful experience. I hope you’ll check them out.

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