Christmas Baking Utensils for Children: Dominics Kitchen Store and Sur La Table

Christmas is the time of year when lots of baking goes on in the kitchen. This year include your little one with special Christmas baking utensils for children. There are several online stores that offer the perfect size Christmas baking utensils for children made specifically for their little hands.

Not only will Christmas baking allow them to feel creative but also they will have made a contribution to the revered Christmas feast everyone looks forward to. Imagine the smile on their face when you present them with Christmas baking utensils for children that may not only create a new tradition, but also helps them to understand the importance of participating in the preparation of the holiday.

Beginning with the basic baking utensils for children, one of the top online web sites to find Christmas baking utensils for children is Dominic’s Kitchen Store. Dominic’s offers complete sets of baking utensils for children including spatulas, rolling pins, whisks, pastry brushes, mini bread pans, cupcake pans, cookie sheets, cake pans, a wooden spoon, and tart pants. At Dominic’s Kitchen Store, the necessary Christmas baking utensils for children are sold individually beginning at .75 up to $1.50 each depending on the utensil.

Cupcakes have been very popular over the past few years from Hollywood weddings, to children’s birthday parties. If your child is really into cupcakes, Dominic’s offers their Sassafras Kid’s Cupcake Making Kit organized in a vinyl bag. The kit includes a cupcake pan, sprinkles, frosting, cupcake mix, wooden spoon, paper liners, and a rhyming recipe with complete instructions. The Sassafras Kid’s Cupcake Making Kit retails for $19.99.

Another great source for Christmas baking utensils for children is Sur La Table who offers matching adult and child Christmas aprons. Choose from among the “Mommy and Me” matching aprons offerings themes such as Gingerbread Men and Snow Men. The Adult apron retails for $26.95, and the Kids Apron retails for $19.95. Matching potholders are available for $11.95 from the online store of Sur La Table.

Make cooking fun the Sur La Table decorate spatulas available in themes such as Gingerbread Men and Gingerbread Women, Candy Canes, and Snowmen. The small child size spatulas retail for $7.95 and the adult size retails for $9.95 at Sur La Table. The matching cutting board in the Snowman pattern retails for $14.95.

Christmas baking utensils for children at Sur La Table include a Sous Chef’s Baking Set in its’ own unique carry bag with Sous Chef printed on the front. The twenty-five-piece set includes a cookie sheet, muffin pan, loaf pan, round spring form, a flan pan, pumpkin pan, three bear cookie cutters, pastry bag with four tips, a pastry spoon, pastry wheel, spatula, rolling pin, four cookie cutters, a wooden turner, and a slotted wooden spoon. The unique Sous Chef set retails for $29.95 from Sur La Table.

All of the above mentioned Christmas baking utensils are child safe and offer a great opportunity for your child to be included in preparing this year’s Christmas Feast. For more information visit the online stores for Dominic’s Kitchen Store, and Sur La Table online.

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