Christmas Crescent Bowl Appetizers

What you’ll need:
Crescent rolls
Mini muffin tin
Foods such as ground beef and cheese, or ham and cheese

Food is like a dress, pants and shirt, or other outfit. It could end up being fabulous, or not so great. It can grab attention, or it can be unimpressive. It can be dressed up especially nice for a holiday, or it can be the same-ol’, same-ol’, on ordinary days. That’s why, if you run across a really spectacular thing – be it an outfit or a food dish – you should keep it. Well, in the case of the food, eat it. I know of a darling, bite-size appetizer that will keep your guests’ stomachs from growling yet not fill them up too much. It’s the cutest thing: a crescent roll bowl – mini – filled with your choice of foods. I’ll tell you how you can make some of the easy appetizers for Christmas, other holidays, or ordinary days.

Crescent bowl appetizers are bite-size goodies made from airy, delicious crescent rolls. The dough is found where canned biscuits are sold. Open up a roll of crescents and you can create appetizers that are so easy and so dreamy. Make the rolls into little bowls and fill them with anything from appetizers to desserts.

When guests walk into your home on Christmas, and they smell delicious foods cooking, they instantly want to sample them. The meal is never completely ready, though, is it? So, while they wait, serve them some finger foods, such as crescent bowl ground beef and cheese, ham and cheese, or other crescent cups.

Unroll the crescents. Where the perforations are, press them together to strengthen those seams. Cut the dough into 32 squares to make bite-size crescent bowls. To make larger versions, for meal bowls, just cut fewer squares; make sure the squares that you cut are all the same size. You’ll need four squares for each crescent bowl.

Spray a mini muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray. Arrange four of the squares in each cup so that one corner of each square goes to the center bottom, and the opposite point comes up to the top of the tin. The squares will overlap.

Decide on what to put in the crescent bowls. Some things might have to be fried or boiled before putting them in the appetizer bowls. Other things might be added after the cups have baked. According to the crescent roll instructions, bake the appetizers, and remove to serve. Your guests will love the appetizers on holidays; your family will love them on ordinary days.

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