Circle of Love

We never really lose you know
When a loved one leaves us here
Our hearts rent with grief and longing
We can only see the empty spaces …
Left by their passing.
His beloved fat chair,
Bearing the imprint of his body,
That old baggy grey sweater with a cuff unraveled,
Fills your aching soul with his scent
When, weeping,
You bury your face in its soft folds

That silent empty space at the battered oaken table..
Where he once sat, face lit by laughter.
And the bed�
Once a place of love and dark passion
Is a suddenly huge…
Vast white acreage
Of lonely agony..

They don’t really leave us you know
We are all of us part
Of loves circle
In a child’s quick laughter
Or the soft fold of a cheek
That certain gesture
We can find them still.
Loving silent guardians
Handfast with all who went before
Those who are to come
Joined forever
In our own circles of love

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