Claritin: I Can Breathe and Go Outside, It’s Good to Be Alive!

For as long as I can remember I have been horribly afflicted by allergies. And likewise, for as long as the product as been on the market, Claritin has cured me of these problems. Claritin was originally a prescription only drug, but as a kid, desperate for some allergy relief (and covered by my parents’ health insurance), getting the stuff was no problem.

Conveniently enough, as soon as I became too old to be covered by my parents’ heath-care (thus, not having any) Claritin was transformed into an over the counter drug. So now, for a fairly reasonable price (I say reasonable because I’d be willing to pay much more for a good defense against pollen, my archenemy) I can walk into any old drugstore and get some Claritin, or as should be called “The Amazing Pollen Killing Mo-Fo Sytlee Wonder Drug Plus”.

The original Claritin did not come in a non-drowsy form; this was both a good and bad thing. While I was free of the sneezing and watery eyes, I was kind of transformed into a zombie-child on the old Claritin. This was okay since I was weird kid anyway; I loved the way drugs made me feel even when I was seven (I would sneak sips of Robitussin and liqueurs whenever I could). In a way, it was horrible though because this “dependence” on the groggy-making Claritin could be seen as the beginning of my, for lack of a better word, “fascination” with prescription drugs.

But I’m off on a tangent. This isn’t about the roots of my dependency issues- this is about allergies god dammit, and it’s about the new and improved, over the counter, drowse free Claritin.

The new non-drowsy Claritin is simply fantastic. I just take one of the tiny white pills every day during allergy season and away I go. It’s gotten to the point where I no longer even think about it. Taking the pills has become as normal as brushing my teeth or taking birth control (if I was a slutty woman).

Plus, they come in packs of 48, so I only have to buy one or two a year, which is outstanding. I like buying things in bulk, even when that “bulk” takes up little to no space. There are two times each year when I can anticipate an utterly clogged sinus system and a blinding assault on the eyeballs, once in early spring and then again in late fall. Nowadays, I just keep a bunch of Claritin on hand, so at the first sign of an allergic reaction I just pop a pill. Sometimes, it takes a day or two to kick in but it always does. There is not reason why anyone should live with such discomfort in this modern era, and Claritin is proof of that by golly, by gosh.

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