The Health Benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

One would not normally consider salt to be a healthy addition to a diet. Although our bodies do require a certain amount of sodium, particularly for digestion, we are warned by health officials and nutritionists that too much sodium is bad for us, and instructed to use salt in moderation.

However, studies over time have shown that kosher salt or sea salt is preferred over traditional table salt, and touted by health professionals and culinary chefs. Praised by both, celtic sea salt has the honor of being the most flavorful and healthiest of all the available sea salts. Unfortunately it is probably the most expensive as well, and often not easy to find except in gourmet groceries or health food stores.

Celtic sea salt is harvested off the coast of France using methods originating with the Celts many centuries ago, leaving it in its natural crystal form. The natural methods used to harvest this particular brand of sea salt enable the crystals to maintain not only a wonderful, clean flavor, but the diverse amount of healthy minerals craved by the human body remain inherent within the salt as well.

Traditional table salt has been treated with various chemicals and refined, removing and destroying any natural minerals and nutrients it once contained. Bleaching and anti-caking agents are added mainly for the purpose of creating a cleaner looking, free-flowing crystal, but in actuality the result is something rather toxic.

Celtic Sea Salt imparts a pure, fresh taste to your meals, rather than the harsh flavor of table salt. But more importantly, nearly eighty vital nutrients and minerals can be found in the tiny, gray crystals of celtic sea salt, serving to provide the body with a healthy dose of electrolytes, energy, and other healthy body functions such as immune system strengthening and the absorption of nutritious elements from food. The trace minerals also play an important part in cleansing the body and aiding in healthy digestion.

Many health practitioners include celtic sea salt in their regular diet, as the balance of minerals and nutrients is an optimum choice for those living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the wonderful flavor enhancement properties of celtic sea salt, it has other applications beneficial to to the body. A half cup of celtic sea salt in bath water will recreate the splendor of a salt-water bath, soothing both the body and mind. As an alternative, grinding celtic sea salt to a fine powder and mixing with warm water serves to help clear sinuses when gargled.

Celtic Sea Salt has also been used to treat minor burns and even mental disorders such as aggressive behavior and depression. Its healthy, healing properties are attributed to the vast variety of trace minerals.

Celtic Sea Salt is also Kosher, and is a fine replacement for Kosher Salt. It is traditionally sold in its natural crystal form, which can be easily ground with a salt grinder as needed, or a finely ground form, more traditionally used in bath water or for a gargle rinse. Costs will likely be considerably higher than other brands of sea salt, but since celtic sea salt can be used sparingly while still providing the body with nutrients and minerals, it is usually well worth the extra cost.

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