Using Tramadol to Fight Fibromyalgia


When a helthcare professional prescribes Tramadol, they recommend that the medication only be used 5 days consistantly at a time, or for short time periods only. It’s important for the patient who is beginning the medication, Tramadol, to speak with thier healthcare professional about the risks associated with long term use, since it could result in dependency on Tramadol.

Tramadol is used to treat pain associated with severe and mildly severe pain. Studies show that tramadol is effective in easing moderate-to-severe pain.

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms are like those of other pain medications. Using tramadol for long periods at a time, with dependancy tenancies, could result in the classification of an addiction. If this begins to happen, and you see you are becoming dependant on the medication, it’s important to reduce your Tramadol usage.


“Tramadol in the fibromyalgia syndrome: a controlled clinical trial versus placebo.

This study assessed the analgesic action of tramadol compared with placebo in patients suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome. Twelve patients (11 females, one male) were treated according to a double-blind crossover experimental design. Each tramadol patient, after signing informed consent, was randomly allocated to either tramadol (100 mg ampul in 100 ml given intravenously in 15 min doses) or placebo for a single tramadol dose treatment.

At the second visit, patients crossed over to the other drug for a further single dose treatment. There was a wash-out period of 1 week. Nine patients completed the study, while in three cases (two tramadol, one placebo) the study was discontinued due to the onset of side effects.

The assessment of efficacy, carried out at the baseline and 15 min and 2 hours after administration of each dose, involved the use of a visual analog scale (VAS 100 mm) for spontaneous pain and pressure dolorimetry (kg/cm2) at 12 “symptomatic” tender points and nine “control” tender points for fibromyalgic pain.

During the first treatment cycle effective tramadol control of spontaneous pain was achieved with tramadol, which determined a reduction of 20.6% while with the placebo spontaneous pain increased by 19.8%. With pressure dolorimetry there were no clinically important differences observed after either active tramadol treatment or placebo.


The contrasting results found in the present tramadol study could be a stimulus for the organization of new projects, which may lead to the identification of an optimal therapeutic approach for fibromyalgic patients, also using tramadol for long periods.”

This article is for informational purposes only and is to educate patients with similar diseases. Tramadol can be addictive if used for long periods at a time and should be used only for 5 days at a time. Tramadol can be a safe and effective pain medication if the patient who is using tramadol knows all information about tramadol before taking tramadol.


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Institute of Rheumatology, University of Siena, Polyclinic Le Scotte, Italy.
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