How to Improve Your Body’s Hydration

Do you know that even if you are not working during the day, you still lose at least two and a half pints of water through your skin, lungs, guts and kidneys? Your body needs to release this much amount of water in order to eliminate all the toxins which reside within. Whether you are working or not working during the day, you must drink at least three pints of filtered or bottled water on a daily basis so that your body can remain hydrated throughout the day. It’s true that the amount of water one person loses in a day depends upon his/her size, level of activity, and metabolism but doctors suggest that everyone should at least drink three litres of water in a day. If you believe your body is not being hydrated the way it should be then use the following methods to remain healthy and hydrated throughout the day.


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    First things first, you must eliminate all other drinks from your daily routine. Very few people actually drink three litres of water because they quench their thirst with the help of other drinks which are at their disposal. These drinks include coffee, tea, beer, soda and other soft drinks such as coke, sprite, etc. These drinks are mostly diuretics and most of them get flushed from the body, causing it to become dehydrated.

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    If the minimum amount is said to be three litres in a day, you must drink more than three litres since that will be healthy for you. Each and every health tip these days requires you to consume more water during the day. This is because water is not only important for survival but also important for exercise.

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    It is advised that you must buy bottled water rather than using the same old tap water. Bottled water is a healthier substitute of a soda bottle which you are always willing to purchase during the day.

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    Exercise is quite important. You must be thinking that exercise might lead to dehydration and it’s true but it also increases thirst. Once you are done with your exercise, you will probably drink more than three litres of water in a day.

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    Purchase a water filter. This will help you filter out all unclean substances from your tap water and you can consume the purest of water at the comfort of your home.

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    You can also consume water with the help of fruits and vegetables. Several fruits have 60% water in them and they can really help you out in improving the amount of water in your system.

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