Classic Smoky Eye for Beginners

The smoky eye dates back to Cleopatra. Even this Egyptian queen could see how making up one’s peepers in this way enhances a girl’s looks. Follow in her footsteps. For play, work or special occasions, standout by flaunting a classic smoky eye – introduce your most glamorous face to the world.


  • Light, creme colored eyeshadow
  • Medium colored eyeshadow
  • Dark smokey colored eyeshadow
  • Round eye brush
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Face powder
  • Foundation

Classic Smoky Eye For Beginners

  • Prep your face. A smoky eye is dramatic. As a result, you should start off with a clean palate. Wash, tone and moisturize your face. Afterward, pluck any excess hairs around your eyebrows and pat down the remaining hairs (with a finger) until they lay flat.
  • Put on foundation. A smoky eye works best on neutral, even-toned skin. Dab and blend foundation (or BB cream) all over your face. Afterward, set with face powder.
  • Apply light eyeshadow to brow bone. To highlight your eyes, apply the creme eyeshadow to your brow bone (area under the arch of your eyebrow). Use your round eye brush for this process and make sweeping motions.
  • Apply medium eyeshadow to eyelid. With your round eye brush, apply the medium eyeshadow to your entire eyelid. Use even strokes. This color should span from just under your the lighter one to the ridge of your lower eyelid.
  • Apply dark eyeshadow to corner of eyes. With your round brush, apply the dark eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye and extend this color inward to over 1/2 of your crease. Next, sweep back to the outer corner and extend this color inward to 1/2 of your lower lid. Your goal is to achieve a c-shape.
  • Blend in all of your shadows. Clean off your round eye brush with a tissue. Then, start blending in your three shadows to eliminate in harsh lines where they meet. You can also use this step to diminish some of the color if you feel it’s too heavy.
  • Add your black eyeliner. Draw a thick black line over the top of your eyelid with the black eyeliner. Next, smudge with your finger.
  • Put on your black mascara. Do two coats of black mascara in order to make your lashes ‘pop’. Be sure to wave the mascara wand in a side motion (or wiggle) to rid your lashes of any clumps.

As you can see, obtaining a classic smoky eye is simple. Get more details and see an actual video by reading 3 Ways to Get Smoky Eyes With Makeup.

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