Cleaning After Your Pets a Hassle? Three Tips to Make Life Easier

Our pets are messy little creatures. They tend to find ways to stain our carpets, get cat hair everywhere, and put that god awful doggy smell on everything. These could be great reasons for many of us to not own a pet. Instead, many of us continue to own pets and just clean up after them. Most of the messes are quick to clean and do not require that much of an effort. Other times present moments that make us stressed out and pondering how to solve the problem. This is why I am going to give you a few tips to cleaning up after your pets.

One of the biggest areas that seems to be a problem with pets is stains. Pets seem to be able to stain anything. Some of these stains can come out with a little bit of soap and water. Too bad this was not true for all stains. A lot of the stains end up ruining something that we like. Next time a stain moment happens, don’t react angrily and dispose of the stained object. Purchase Holy Cow all-purpose cleaner ( and spray it on the stain. This product virtually erases most stains and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Basically, you can use the spray on almost any stain and know it is safe to use in places frequented by your pet.

Shedding is another big problem. Cats and dogs seem to shed everywhere. The shedding can get on almost anything, making it a hassle to keep things in your home clean. Groomers and vets use a brush on their pets with the FURminator deShedding Tool. This tool reduces shedding up to 90% in cats and dogs. The reduction in shedding can also reduce the amount of hairballs, dander, and airborne allergens. You can purchase this popular tool through the FURminator website ( The price can seem a bit high, but is worth the investment.

Finally, time to get rid of those horrible smells. There is nothing that I hate more than my dog leaving his stench on almost anything I own. I can leave my house believing that my clothes are perfect for the day. My opinion can change in a matter of minutes when I wonder where the stench of wet dog seems to be coming from. I eliminate this problem with Earth Care Odor Removal ( All you need to do is place the Earth Care Odor Removal bag near offensive odors. The bag will absorb the odor over a short period of time. You can also sprinkle the non-toxic granules on carpets, furniture, and even cat boxes.

These small techniques can assist you in fighting these daily nuances. A pet can be a big pain to deal with. Yet it is the love and affection that they return to us that makes all the problems seem so little. Remember to try these items in the near future and cut back on the stress. I promise that it will make your life ten times easier, as it has my own.

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