Cleaning a Tile Floor: The Method to the Madness

Cleaning a floor seems simple but there is actually a particular way to do so. A tile floor is far easier to clean than hardware floor and this article will show you how to clean tile properly. Basic needs for cleaning a tile floor is a broom, dustpan, mop, a bucket, a general household cleanser. You can also add rubbing alcohol and a bleach solution to the ingredients but that s only for harsh stains and should be used as a last resort.

Choosing the right mop and cleanser is crucial for getting the job done effectively. A sponge mop or disposable mops are not very effective for cleaning a tile floor because of their lack of ability to reach the areas in between the tiles. They actually help push the dirt in between the crevices making the grout appear dingy. Either a cloth mop made out of cloth strips or coiled yarn are the best alternatives. The individual clothes help to loosen up the dirt on the grout. Another tip is to find a self-straining mop where you don’t have to touch the head of the mop to make your job just a little bit easier. For the cleanser, it depends on how filthy the grout appears. Harsh chemicals should only be used in the event of the grimiest of situations. Once the grout is clean, a grout sealer which could be purchased at your local home improvement store, is the best way to ensure the grout stays clean.

Now that you are informed, it is time to mop away.

Step 1: Sweep up any loose dirt or the floor. You can also use a vacuum to clean up which is a way to make your job easier.

Step 2: Prepare the bucket of water. Hot water mixed with cleaning solution. Make should you dilute the solution until it appears two to three shades lighter. You can also add a half of cup of rubbing alcohol to the water and bleach.

Step 3: Wash the floors.

Step 4: Prepare another bucket of just plain hot water and go over the floors again.

Step 5: Air dry the floors. You can open a window or turn on a fan to speed up the process.

Step 6: (optional) Apply the grout sealer to the floor to ensure that it stays clean

Cleaning your floor doesn’t always have to be about cleaning with a back breaking mop. You can make it fun so that even your kids could assist you. It will also a good way to make the chores fun for your children. You will still need tools to collect the loose dirt off the floor but in this case, since children will be involved you would use a mild cleanser, warm water, and large rags.

Step 1: You sweep up the loose dirt

Step 2: Prepare a bucket of warm water and add a mild cleansing solution

Step 3: Dampen the large rags or towels

Step 4: Have your children go over the floor. You can make a game or contest out of it and they can see who can clean the floor fastest. The children can stand on the rags with their feet spaced shoulder length apart. In a shuffling motion with their feet, they can move the rags across the floor.

Step 5: Repeat the process and let the floor air dry. When finished with the towels you can place them in the washing machine.

Now I presented two different ways to clean your tiles, you can either choose the basic mop method or incorporate cleaning as a game for all your children to participate. Have fun!

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