Cleaning is Swifter with a Swiffer Sweeper

Even though mine is several years old now, I love my Swiffer Sweeper! My mother was the first one in our family to try one of these new cleaning products when they came on the market. She really liked hers, so she bought each of us a Swiffer Sweeper as a gift one year.

These were the original Swiffer Sweepers, the ones with the turquoise and silver handles and the rectangular heads. (The new Swiffer Sweepers are a brighter green, and the shape of the head is more rounded.)

I appreciated my mother’s thoughtfulness, but for some reason, put my new Swiffer in the closet and didn’t try it for a while.

When I finally did get around to cleaning with my new Swiffer Sweeper, I really liked it. I cleaned my floors very quickly and easily with it. The dry pads were great for the quick sweep-up-the-dog-hair pickups when company was coming. The wet pads were nice for a fast kitchen floor cleaning when there were just a few spots, or for when I wanted to do a quick touchup.

As I used my Swiffer Sweeper, I found other uses for it too, besides just floor cleaning. One day I was cleaning my bathroom. I had hurt my back, so wasn’t looking forward to leaning over to scrub the tub. I got the bright idea of putting a cleaning cloth on my Swiffer Sweeper handle and using it to clean the bathtub. It worked like a charm. Thanks to the long handle, I was able to clean the bathtub without leaning over.

I found the Swiffer Sweeper was handy for wall cleaning too. I simply used one of the disposable wet pads, and washed my walls. With the long handle on the Swiffer, I could stand on the floor and clean the walls all the way to the ceiling, without having to stand on a stepstool or ladder. The pads left a nice, clean scent in the room after I had finished cleaning too.

I read somewhere that pieces of old bath towels worked well in the Swiffer, and they do. I cut up towels that are ready for the ragbag, and use them instead of always buying the disposable Swiffer cleaning pads. As long as the piece of towel you use is long enough to be inserted into the Swiffer “grabber” spots, it will work. You don’t have to be precise in how you cut the towel.

My original Swiffer Sweeper is still going strong, and I use it regularly. Now there are several other types of Swiffer products available too: Swiffer Sweep & Vac; Swiffer Dusters; Swiffer Max; Swiffer Wet Jet; and Swiffer Carpet Flick.

Cleaning is swifter with a Swiffer!

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