Cleaning the Bathroom

I hate cleaning the bathroom. I don’t want to spend massive amounts of time scrubbing grime or soap scum or rust. The only thing I hate worse than cleaning the bathroom is having a dirty one because I didn’t clean it. So what’s a bathroom owner to do? Only spend a maximum of 10 minutes a day cleaning the bathroom, that’s what. Yes… seriously. Time is too valuable to waste on drudgery. So, I incorporate my bathroom cleaning into my getting-ready-in-the-morning routine.

I must state this first though. If your bathroom is dirty (and you know what I mean) then you have to clean it thoroughly first or this routine will not work. Give it the best cleaning of your life. The good news is that if you implement these tips then this will be the last time that you have to do that again.

OK. You have a sparkling clean bathroom and now you’re ready for the routine.

Clean the toilet while your shower water heats up or while your bath water is running.
My toilet is already clean so it only takes a couple of minutes to swish some cleanser around with the toilet brush and wipe down the lids, and outside with a paper towel. By that time my water has heated up and jump into the shower.

Clean out the tub while you’re still in it.
After I’ve scrubbed myself clean I take my wash cloth and wipe where the top of the water meets the tub. This is where the ring forms. I simply swish around that area, unplug the drain, and the dirt floats right down the drain instead of sticking and hardening onto the side of the tub.

Shower away the dirt.
Showers are even easier because the shower water automatically washes the dirt down the drain. However when I wash my hair in the shower then I take my foot and scoot the loose hairs toward the water as it flows toward the drain.

Also once a week I take a scrub pad into the shower with me and lightly scrub the shower wall. Then after I finish showering, I wipe myself dry and then I use the towel to wipe the shower curtain down. I haven’t had any mildew on my curtain since I started doing this.

Clean the sink after you brush your teeth in the morning.
Remember the sink is already clean. So I keep a scrubbing pad and some cleanser – like Comet or baking soda – underneath the bathroom sink. After I’ve brushed my teeth I sprinkle a little cleanser in the sink and lightly scrub it. I scrub around the caulking on the faucet and the outside of the sink. That brief scrubbing action insures that grime does not build up.

Then I take a paper towel and wipe down the counter. I keep all of my toiletries stored underneath the sink or in drawers. This way wiping the counter down is a breeze.

If it’s not dirty don’t clean it.
Usually the entire mirror doesn’t need to be cleaned. So after I brush my teeth I just spot clean the dirty areas. This usually requires less than a minute to do.

Ignore the floor.
Well, I don’t exactly ignore the floor. But I only sweep and mop it once a week or if there’s an immediate need, such as a spill.

Clean the bathroom as you get yourself ready in the morning and in no time at all it will become a habit. Your bathroom will constantly be clean although you only spent a few minutes on it. You can also spend just a few minutes a day keeping your home clutter free.

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