Clinton and Me by Mark Katz

I love Bill Clinton. So when I picked up this book, I was basically looking for the inside scoop on his various scandals, or further evidence that he’s the most interesting person alive. What I found is that Mark Katz might get that distinction.

This book does have some dish on the climate inside the White House during the more tense moments of Clinton’s residency, but it’s nothing an avid Bill Clinton admirer like myself didn’t already have an idea of. Katz does give great insight into how damage control was instituted on the heels of the Lewinsky scandal.

Like Katz’s book as a whole, Clinton’s speechwriting/giving process is a great illustration of how to use humour and intelligence effectively. But what’s really interesting is the light Katz sheds on the supporting cast, like Hillary, and Al Gore, who was really serious about being funny.

But this book is equal parts Katz’s memories of childhood and reflections on his speech writing. What might be the most amazing thing about this book, at least to someone reading the book with the specific purpose of catching a glimpse behind Clinton’s curtain, is that I didn’t mind Mark Katz being the main charachter, with Clinton a side story at best. In fact, I really enjoyed it.

Mark Katz spins a smart story, and as you can expect from the semi-official White House jokester, it’s an amusing tale as well. This book is an entertaining page turner, and you’ll pick up some White House banter and political trivia to boot.

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