A Fun Way to Clean Your Floors and Get Some Exercise Too

Wow! I just got done cleaning my apartment and I am exhausted! That will for sure count as my exercise for today! Want to know what I did? I had a blast and my apartment is clean (for now!) I am going to tell you about cleaning my kitchen and bathroom floors and how I got my exercise!

Well I guess I should start here and tell you that I try to clean my house with more natural cleaners than most would. So first I start off with making a playlist of upbeat and exciting music. After I have done that, I get the floors swept. Picking up anything that needs to be moved (here it tends to be dog food bowls and the dog water bowls). I normally sweep the small kitchen twice just to make sure I did not miss anything. After that I get the supplies that I need. You are going t need vinegar, water, spray bottle, mop, old towel, and music! I start by mixing half the spray bottle with warm water and the other half with white vinegar. I then run a little warm water in the sink.

Now that you have everything together and your floor cleaning solution mixed, you are ready to start the first of the cleaning to get the floors sparkling and get some exercise. Start by walking around the kitchen and misting the floor with the 50% water and 50% vinegar solution in the bottle. You can let this sit for a few minutes while you get the mop wet and wrung out. Then start wherever you choose to and began mopping. You do not have to scrub the floors to death because this is really the first time that they will get scrubbed.

After they have been mopped with the warm wet mop let that sit for a few minutes. Now take your towel and spread it on the floor. I recommend that you be barefoot to do the next part. Your kids can join in with this if you would like for them to. Since the floor has already been cleaned they are just helping to dry it. Step on to the towel and began using your feet to guide the towel. You will find that it is not completely easy to guide a dry towel on a wet floor. This will give you something to push against and work harder with. This is not only drying the floor but you are using your feet to scrub the floor. I normally carry the spray bottle around with me while I am scrubbing with my feet to spray any spots that did not come clean with just the mop. I find it fun and more work to get in with the beat of the music to push the towel around with your feet (kind of like dancing). Do not just go around the kitchen once with the towel, do it a few more times to make sure it is clean and get the work out. Now I bet your floors can be clean and sparkling and you have gotten some exercise!

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