Ten DIY Home Repairs Your Wife Will Love

“Happy wife, happy life”. This is a proverb that the clean stand-up comedian Jeff Allen used as a title to his DVD. There is a lot of truth in that old proverb, which came about with the test of time. Home repairs your wife will love will make that old proverb come true. Living in the same house as my wife, I know what DIY (Do It Yourself) home repairs need to be done. However, the priorities set by men may not be the same as the priorities set by women. To find out what DIY home repairs my wife would love more, I went to the source. I asked my wife. No amount of Internet search would be as fruitful or the same as directly asking my wife. As my wife and I were seating watching TV, I asked my wife what DIY home repairs my wife would love I do first. She was very happy to tell me. If you do your DIY home repairs, you may surprise your wife by doing the home repair during the days she is working or not in the house.

Install A New Toilet.
The first item needed and always postponed was to buy and install a new toilet. Our old fixture always leaked and many little repairs were not able to fix the problem.

Building Custom Shelves For The Pantry
Our small house did not have an area that we could call “pantry”, and my wife was always used to having one. This project became a nice goal so that both of us could enjoy having a place again that we could call a “food pantry”. If you would like to read my other article explaining the steps I used to build the custom pantry shelves, you may click here.

Clean Your House Gutters
This is a job that I postponed for a long time, and each time that it rained, water from the clogged gutters would splash on the flowers and on the windows below the gutters. If you would like to read how I was able to finally clean the gutters you may click here.

Refinishing The Wood Deck
Our deck was badly in need on refinishing staining, if you would like to read how I did this DIY home repair, you might want to click here.

Trellis On One Side Of The Deck
This year we planted some vine climbing flowers on our deck, however they had no place to go. My wife suggested that a nice spring project would be for me to build a trellis on one side of our deck.

Install Screen Doors
This is a project that I postponed since we moved into our house. I will make some time in the spring available to complete this project.

Handles On Kitchen Cabinets
When we moved into our house, our kitchen cabinets did not have any handles or knobs. This is another nice project to do.

Coat Rack Hooks
Again, our house never had any coat rack or coat closet, so we left our coats on chairs. This is a nice project to make the house look more organized.

Window Shelves For Plants
Since we like plants, my wife wanted wood shelves on the windows to hold the potted plants. To see my DIY article on installing shelving, please click here.

Fireplace Mantle
Our house has a gas fireplace, however it was too expensive for the builder to install a mantle, so I chose an inexpensive one and saved the installation cost on this DIY. To get you started as to where to purchase a fireplace mantle you may click here.

I hope that you will be able to complete some of the above DIY home repair projects your wife will love, so that as the old proverb says: “Happy wife, happy life”.

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