DIY Home Projects and Repairs Your Wife Will Love

The “Honey Do” list…wives will nag, plead, beg and bribe their husbands to do things around the house until he eventually stops listening and she ends up doing it herself. But be warned, in order for her to do it herself, she’ll need tools…your tools. The best solution? Get that list done before she even has time to ask. She’ll be happy…and when she’s happy, you’re happy. Here are some do-it-yourself home repairs she’ll love. Even more, she’ll love that you surprised her with them.

Install storage and shelving – It doesn’t matter what room it’s in, women love extra storage space. Install extra shelving in the closets, pantry, linen closet or bathroom and she’ll be thrilled.

Install a new showerhead – For most women, showering is a luxury and we treat it as such. You’ve probably noticed all the foo-foo products that are cluttering up the shower. It’s our time away from everything and everyone. Give us a showerhead that feels luxurious.

Extra shower shelves – Speaking of all those foo-foo products in the shower, if you install some shelving in there, we can neatly store them so they’ll stop slipping off the edge of the tub and falling on your feet.

Replace the caulking – You may not notice that the caulking around the edge of the tub has taken on a black or green tint, but I can guarantee she has. Especially if she is the one trying to clean it. We have a hard time feeling clean when we’re showering with slime. Call it a quirk, but we think it’s gross.

Wrap the water pipes – If you want to see an unhappy women, wait until you get that first sub-zero day in winter that freezes the water pipes. Frozen water pipes put a damper on any woman’s day. The only thing that makes frozen water pipes somewhat worth it is the demented satisfaction we get when you have to crawl around in a cold, cramped, wet space trying to figure out where the pipe is frozen, or busted, because we reminded you to wrap the pipes back in September, and you didn’t.

Expand the pantry – If your household is like mine, your wife is the one who puts away the groceries. There is never enough space to cram all those groceries. Surprise your wife with a larger pantry that is easier to organize. We love it when things are organized.

More kitchen counters – Counter space is a necessity for most women. When we are looking at houses, counter space (or lack of) is up there on the top five things we notice. If you can’t make more counter space, buy her appliances that will fit under the cabinets. This will at least free up the existing counter space. Just don’t give the appliances as gifts.

Defrost the freezer – If the frost in your freezer has taken up half the space in the freezer, take the initiative and defrost it for your wife. It’s a boring job, we know. But here’s a little incentive for you to do it…when you’re not looking we end up using your best screwdriver to chip away at the ice. I just thought you should know.

Replace a lightbulb – We recently had a light blow in our house and I was pleasantly surprised that my significant other had replaced it for me without me asking him to do it. See…we do appreciate the little things. And it answered that old question for me…just how many men does it take to change a lightbulb?

Install a dishwasher – I’m sure there is some man somewhere reading this thinking, We already have a dishwasher, and she’s the cutest darn dishwasher on the block (snort). That’s not funny. Install a real dishwasher. Think of it this way, if she has a dishwasher, then that will free up some of her extra time for…other things. Other things that may just benefit you. Then again, maybe not.

Replace Flooring – Women love new flooring. We’re weird like that. It’s usually easier to clean and it brightens up the whole room.

If she’s ever mentioned it, even casually, go ahead and give it to her. It’s not as hard as you might think. But go ahead and make it look harder than it is. She’ll know better, but she may be so happy with her new flooring she’ll go along with your little charade.

If you’re not the best handyman, recruit some of your guy friends to help. You supply the beer. It will be a learning experience for you, and a chance to hang out with the guys and she won’t get mad.

Anything that makes your wife’s life easier will be appreciated. Take a look around your house and see what can be done to make her life easier or better.

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