How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks can be the dirtiest place in the home. The purpose of the kitchen sink is to wash items that are dirty so every so often the place that washed dirty things needs to be washed itself. The kitchen sink may be a place that can get dirty but it is also a place that is fairly easy to clean. When you clean food like chicken, vegetables and fruits in your kitchen sink you leave behind some grease and grit on the surface of the kitchen sink. It is important to wash this debris off of your sink from time to time.

Before cleaning any kitchen sink for the first time you have to consider what the kitchen sink is made of. Is the kitchen sink to be cleaned made of porcelain or stainless steel? Perhaps the kitchen sink is plastic or cast iron. It is important to use a cleaner that will not damage the surface of the kitchen sink you want to clean.

If the dirty kitchen sink you want to clean is stainless steel then you are in luck. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are very easy to clean and vinegar is the best cleaner to use on a stainless steel kitchen sink. Put the vinegar in a spray bottle and you can spray an even coat of vinegar on the sink. Then take a soft cloth and rub the sink clean.

A porcelain sink is a very nice kitchen sink. It can be cleaned with a commercial cleanser that is safe to use on porcelain. Or you can clean it with a mixture of bleach and sixteen parts water.

Plastic kitchen sinks are hard to keep nice. They tend to wear out in less time then other types of sinks. Vinegar is a good cleaner for plastic kitchen sinks but always be careful not to scratch the plastic when cleaning a plastic kitchen sink.

Cast iron kitchen sinks are a hardy kitchen sink that can be cleaned with commercial cleaners and come out looking good. Be careful to keep metal from sitting in a cast iron sink too long or there could be a chemical reaction between the two metals and make a discoloration on the sink surface.

Don’t forget to clean the drain of the kitchen sink. Bacteria can grow on the drain easier then the rest of the kitchen sink. Pour boiling water into the drain to help sanitize the drain.

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