Closest Thing to a Cure for Sweat Anxiety

Many people experience excessive sweating. This can often be caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis, which occurs in approximately 1% of people, most of who are women.

Medical? Treatments for hyperhidrosis include expensive surgeries, Botox injections, or prescription antiperspirants that don’t always work. While those who suffer from the sweating wish there was a simple cure for the problem, sadly there isn’t one. The overwhelming perspiration can often cause anxiety, which causes even more sweating, and often people miss out on social events where they think the problem will get in the way. So while the hyperhidrosis sufferers of the world wait for a solution here are a few tips that won’t cure it but can make situations a little less embarrassing.

If sweating occurs in the feet try to find leather shoes that breath. While leather shoes are more expensive, synthetic shoes often cause more heat in the feet area. The only downside to leather shoes is that they may cause more foot odor, however this is easily remedied with a sprinkle of baby powder or new inserts.

Sometimes with hyperhidrosis the sweating of the feet can be worse when not wearing socks. Wearing socks may make the feet hotter and cause more sweating, yet sometimes the absorbent material that causes the feet to feel less sweaty. If not wearing socks does increase the sweating it can limit the opportunity to wear skirts, and dresses. In this case try introducing boots into your wardrobe. Dressy boots can be worn with skirts and allow the ability to wear socks.

If wearing dress shoes try purchasing absorbent insoles from a drug store. They have even started making insoles with adhesive to stick in sandals but if you can’t find the adhesive ones you can use glue on ordinary ones. Also look for shoes that are lined with cloth.

Another idea is that can apply to both women and men, is that sprinkling baby powder in your shoes or putting antiperspirant on your feet can sometimes ease the wetness.

When it comes to hand sweating there aren’t a lot of ways to hide it and sometimes the old idea of putting tissue in your pockets to dry your palms before shaking hands just won’t work. The tissue trick is especially problematic for ladies if they are attending a formal event or dance, because there is no place to hide the tissue and sweaty palms may seem less ridiculous than wiping our palms dry every few minutes. In this case, ladies may want to consider wearing gloves with their formal attire. They can place tissue inside their gloves. This will absorb the sweat and give them a chance to dance without worry.

Underarm sweating not only occurs in those with hyperhidrosis but nearly everyone. If excessive sweating is a problem most just avoid wearing certain garments. Dark colors and patterns can hide sweat spots. Adding another layer can make body temperatures rise but will mask any wet spots if one is willing to endure the heat.

The fabric of a shirt can also help prevent wet spots. Natural fabrics will absorb and display wetness more prominently but breathe better. Synthetic materials tend to repel the sweat, which helps avoid sweat spots.

If there is a “must-wear” shirt for an event but it displays sweat all too well there are underarm pads that can be purchased. They adhere to the skin and absorb the moisture before it reaches the shirt. If they become pricey or are too hard to find consider making them with tissue and medical tape.

For all areas of the body try to keep body temperatures down by showering in cold water, and find air conditioned places whenever possible. The best thing to do is just keep cool or cold if possible.

Remember, the problem is often not as noticeable to others as it is to ourselves. Being honest with close friends, employers, or coworkers is helpful because then you don’t have to worry as much about how they perceive you. It is a medical condition that should be taken seriously but also compassionately. People should be understanding but if the problem becomes too troublesome see a doctor for treatment and advice.

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